Rockin’ and Talkin’ in Clinton

The next endeavour for the Clinton Seniors’ Association is the marketplace at the Clinton Memorial Hall on Nov. 5.

Autumn starts to chill the air

Until the trees look sad and bare,

Time for fire-side tales, you know,

Underneath the lamplight’s glow.

Makes you feel you want to sigh,

Now the summer’s stolen by.

Author unknown

Clinton Seniors’ Association meetings resumed in September, and members enjoyed the summer break from the usual routines. The next endeavour for the group is the marketplace at the Clinton Memorial Hall on Nov. 5.

Taking a break is recommended. Getting away from routines or workplace pressure is important to your mental and physical health. Stretch, or go for a walk, or go for a vacation. Let your mind wander a little.

There are special days in October like National Smile Day, Bosses’ Day, and many more, but traditionally Canadians focus mainly on two: Thanksgiving Day (Oct. 10) and Halloween (Oct. 31). One other has come to my attention: National Seniors Day on Oct. 1: a day to pay tribute to the seniors who have helped build our country and continue to make valuable contributions to Canadian communities, workplaces, and society. It is an occasion for all Canadians to appreciate and celebrate seniors.

Over the past few years the federal government made a commitment to keeping seniors active, engaged, and informed. Across the country, websites have been developed to include information for seniors, bringing together a variety of resources about relevant programs and benefits, with an emphasis on better protecting seniors in many areas including financial, housing, and health. Oct. 1 is past, but take a moment to ponder the role of the seniors in the village of Clinton and, more specifically, the seniors in your life, and recognize their worth.

Thanksgiving Day is often celebrated with family and friends sharing a turkey dinner. Perhaps when grace is said before the meal, those present are asked to name something they are thankful for. Children usually respond quite readily to this idea; but those adults who find themselves facing difficult times, like unemployment or the loss of a loved one, may not be too quick with a response. It seems like just when an appreciation of life is at its lowest, we’re expected to give thanks.

Gratitude isn’t based on what we have accumulated over the years or what we’ve achieved. Thousands of people “have it all”, and they still feel emptiness Thousands of people in the world don’t have what we have. They do not live in a free country like we, as Canadians, enjoy: they don’t see a future for their families; they don’t have proper medical care; and many won’t have the privilege of enjoying nutritious meals. Let’s take time this Thanksgiving to be truly thankful for what we have, and not focus on those things we’ve had to face along the road of life. Think instead of how blessed you really are, and say “thank you” indeed.

Halloween provides an opportunity for youngsters to dress up and go out “trick or treating”. A word of caution to motorists: children will be out on the streets of town, and often are not mindful of moving cars. Thank you to Integris Credit Union for endeavouring to have fireworks for this special night.

Flu season is almost upon us. Here are a few tips to help prevent the flu: get a flu shot; avoid close contact with sick people; wash your hands frequently; stay home when you’re sick; cover your mouth and nose when you cough or sneeze; avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth; eat healthy; be physically active; and get plenty of sleep to keep your body strong.

You can’t catch the flu from the flu vaccine. The flu shot you got last year will not protect you this year. Having the flu shot one year does not make you immune to the next year’s flu virus.

The Foot Clinic will be held one day only in October, on Oct. 13. To discuss your foot care needs or to book an appointment, call Colleen Thom, RN, CAFCN at 1-250-819-1632. Please try to keep your appointment.

The Clinton Seniors’ Association meets on the third Thursday of every month. The next meeting is on Oct. 20. Come and join us! Annual membership fee is $15.

Happy birthday to Christine Stella (Oct. 13) and to Bill Holt (Oct. 29).

“Whether you find satisfaction in life depends not on your tale of years but on your will.”

—Michel Eyquem de Montaigne