Clinton Seniors' Centre sign, 2017. Photo credit: Barbara Roden

Rockin’ and Talkin’ With the Clinton Seniors’ Association

Clinton Seniors’ Association gets going again after summer hiatus

There comes a day each September when you wake up and know the summer is over and fall has arrived. The slant of the sun looks different and something is in the air – a coolness, a hint of frosty mornings to follow.

Ann Rinaldi

September always feels like the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Even though the warm, sunny days continue, a line has been crossed. You can feel one season ending and another beginning. I used to think it had to do with the end of holidays and going back to school, but it really didn’t. Long after the pattern of my life changed, that crossover of seasons was still very much there, unlike the merging of winter and summer and seemingly forgetting about spring altogether.

The landscaping at Clinton Creek Estates is complete, but there has not been time enough to see its full potential. I am looking forward to next summer, when it should be quite lovely. Certainly the individual flower boxes and potted plants at each suite door have added a lot of colour and beauty to the grounds.

The Volunteer Fair hosted by the Spirit of Clinton Committee was quite a success. Lee Schapansky won two door prizes: the potted flowering plants from the Clinton Seniors’ Association and the gift certificate offered at the Clinton and District Assisted Living Society table. Thank you to Jill Robinson for donating the gift certificate; it was much appreciated.

The first regular meeting of the Clinton Seniors’ Association after the summer recess will be on Sept. 15 following lunch at the Seniors’ Centre (217 Smith Avenue). New members are welcome.

Happy Birthday to Heather Henri (Sept. 10) and Irene McDonald (Sept. 27).

You’ve heard of the three ages of man: youth, middle age, and you’re looking wonderful!

Cardinal Spellman

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