Sage Hills sends help to impoverished Bolivians

Team leaves from Sage Hills Evangelical Free Church in Ashcroft to help out in Bolivia

Santa Cruz, Bolivia is a city of 1.75 million people. Although some areas of the city are very wealthy and progressive, parts of the city and outlying areas paint a very different picture. Poverty and all its side effects run rampant. The orphans and homeless are numerous. In the outlying areas, clean water is a rarity.

Sage Hills Evangelical Free Church is concerned with the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of people around the world and on Oct. 26 is sending Paul and Joyce Ford and Joan Henderson to join a team travelling to Santa Cruz. The Fords and Henderson are not strangers to helping the needy. The Fords went to Cuba in 2009 to help rebuild a hurricane-devastated children’s camp. Henderson went on a Vision Trip to Ukraine in 2003 to see the work being done there.

Some examples of the work we could be involved in are; well-drilling with the Agra Yaku project, and the construction of two small transition cabins at the Casa Mariposa Shelter for mothers and their  children. We may also spend some of our time at the Talita Kumi orphanage in Santa Clara.

Part of the funds we will be taking with us will go to help supply construction materials, and provide clothes and food where necessary. Some of the supplies requested by the orphanage are; pencils, pencil crayons, scribblers and underwear for the children.

If you feel you want to contribute to this project, call Joan at 250-453-9970. We want you to have the opportunity and joy to share with others from the abundance we enjoy here in Canada.

Joan Henderson