Santa Letters – Cache Creek Elementary School

Letters to Santa from the children at Cache Creek Elementary School

Miss Ellis’ Kindergarten/Grade 1 Class


Dear Santa Claus

What I really want this year is some new lego sets and maybe some new cloths. I know it’s pretty boring but I really need some clothes that fit and maybe an iTune card. Have a safe trip.

Sincerely, Daniel


Dear Santa

I would like a beanbag chair for Christmas.

How are you? Are your reindeer ready for Christmas. I hope they are! Plus make sure Hicksted doesn’t bite you!

I am going to make you gingerbread cookies.

Sincerely, Lucy


Dear Santa Claus

How have you been? I’ve been a really good girl this year. I’d really like a zoomer, a sew cool and a beanbag chair. Do you like chocolate chip, gingersnap or sugar cookies? I’d also like a nice and relaxing cruise to Hawaii.

How do you get around the world in one night and how do you get in my house without me waking up?

Yours truly, Madison


Dear Santa

Hello Santa. Do you like giving out presents to everybody on Christmas? Do you like when I give you cookies and milk and if you have tie can you save me some cookies please?

Sincerely, Noah


Dear Santa Claus

For Christmas I want the Hunger Games. Is Rudolph the Reindeer leader? Santa what is your favorite type of cookie?

Sincerely, Rylie


Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas! I hope you can give me some good toys this Christmas. I mostly want for Christmas I have been waiting for three years for a iPad.

I have a questen to ask you. How do you fit in my chimney because you are so big and my chimney is so small.



Dear Santa Claus

Merry Christmas! I hope I get a barber kit but if you do not have time, or have something else in mind, that’s ok. I hope you have a fun time delivering all the toys. I’m sorry that we never left anything out for you but we never have the time. How do you get in my house?

Sincerely, Cori


Dear Santa

I would like an iPod so I can play with it, and buy games and have fun. I want to have fun on Christmas this year without a boring Christmas and don’t get me clothes because I don’t want clothes.

Sincerely, Amy


Dear Santa Claus

For Christmas I would like to have a Lego friends dolphin cruiser or the horse chaler and Barn like Lucy and Maya have please.

Love, Leigha


Dear Santa

For Christmas I would like a scooter and new new shoes. I am always bored at home an I need something to do. Thats why I want a scooter. And I want new shoes because I need new shoes for gym class. How long does it take to deliver presents in Cache Creek?

Sincerely, Chloe


Dear Santa Claus

Merry Christmas! I hope that for everyone in the whole wide world. My favourite part of Christmas is giving. What is your favourite part of Christmas? For Christmas I am giving my family bracelets. What is your favorite type of cookies? How do you get in to my house without waking me up? For Christmas I would like a white board and markers if you have time. I hope you have a safe journey. Thank you.

Sincerely, Sophia


Dear Santa Claus

I hope you had a wonderful year. Now it’s that time you have to start making all the toys for all the girls and boys around the world. What are your favorite cookies? How are your elves?

Sincerely, Sierra


Hi Santa Claus.

How is Rudolph the red nose reindeer? I hope you get around the world in one night. I hope you have a good night on Christmas evening.

Sincerely, Owen


Dear Santa Claus

I want a guitar and a yoyo for Christmas. If you don’t get an electric guitar that’s ok. How do you get to Cache Creek so fast?

Sincerely, Nathan


Dear Santa Claus

Merry Christmas! Santa how do you get in my house because if I hear anything I wake up. I want a robt dog for Christmas, a new pair of cowboy boots and an iPod dook. And I want a new horse.

Sincerely, Gracie



Dear Santa Claus

I would like a new pair of neon gym shoes. I would like a pair of head phones to.

Sincerely, Emma



Mrs. Patterson’s Grade 5/6/7 Class


Dear Santa

Hi, my name is Olivia and I am 12 years old. I have a mother, a father and an older sister. My sister’s name is Arianna. We are pretty close, but like all siblings, we fight sometimes. Other than that, I love her a lot! In my class, there are only four grade sevens! I’m one of them. Our class is 5/6/7 split. Having a small school is nice because we all know each other very well. Sports are my passion. I enjoy playing volleyball, soccer, tennis, and in the summer I go swimming with my friends. This year, I guess I have been good. At some points I wasn’t, but nobody is perfect.

I’ve already talked about myself, so let’s focus on you. Did you have a hard time getting ready for this upcoming Christmas? If I were you I would be completely stressed out! I mean, giving presents to everyone in the world in a matter of 24 hours is crazy! It’s almost unbelievable. How are your reindeers doing? Are they getting trained for the flights? They must be exhausted after Christmas! But they have 365 days to rest. What would be your favourite Christmas carol? I would say mine is Silent Night. In my house we have an Austrian tradition and open all of our presents on Christmas Eve. Before we can, there is a bell that when we pull the string it plays the beat of Silent Night. My mom enjoys seeing how anxious I am. Half the time I think she pulls it really long just to tease me…

Well, now it’s about that time! My ideal Christmas presents would be the One Direction movie called “This Is Us”, the perfume called “Our Moment” (made by One Direction as well), and maybe a phone. I know I sound a bit greedy, but if I got even one of those I would be filled with joy! As you can probably tell, One Direction is a big part of my life. I would call myself a bit obsessed with them, but hey! I am not the only one who has interests. My room is almost completely covered in posters. Sometimes my mom gets angry when I buy more. If I didn’t get any of those, that would still be fine. After all, Christmas is only about spending time with your family and making memories. I’m not quite sure what any of my family members would want. It’s always hard for me to buy them presents because they have everything!

I think I am deserving of these presents because I worked my hardest to be kind and considerate to others. I helped some people when they weren’t feeling the best. At my house there will be chocolate chip cookies and eggnog! I hope you will enjoy them. Chocolate chip cookies are my favourite type. Which ones are your favourite? Eggnog is a special drink that we only buy during Christmas. My dad usually drinks it all before I can have any!

It has been really fun writing this letter to you. I hope to get a reply! Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year. It’s a holiday filled with joy and happiness. Where everyone can get together and have a fun time. Thanks for reading my letter and I hope to hear from you soon…

Sincerely, Olivia


Dear Santa Claus

My name is Raylene, I am 12 years old. I live near Cache Creek. I have three siblings, and my mother doesn’t buy enough food so I am the one that doesn’t usually get a lunch nor breakfast. I think that I have been good throughout the year. During Christmas I will probably not be at my house to celebrate, but at my grandmas in Kamloops. I welcome you to my home though.

I am wondering how many people are on the nice list every year and how many people are on the naughty list.

What I mostly want for Christmas is for my sister to become nice to me, because she is the most mean in my family. That is all that I want for Christmas, I would like you to get my mother a 14 karat gold necklace.

I think I deserve the present because I am hurting inside because of her. Could you remember to come to my house and send some kind of surprise, present something that I might like?

I am going to leave you some cookies and milk at my house and at my grandmother’s house so you could have that much more snacks.

I would like to send wishes to you, thanks.



Dear Santa

Hello santa, my name is Wiingashk. I’m 11 and on the weekends I’m bord. I love Pokemon. I used to live in Minnesota. My favored sport is basketball and stick games. I live on hwy 99 in two springs in cache creek BC. I have three sisters, two brothers, nine cosines, five antes, six uncals. I help my mom with chores. Why is Christmas the favourite time of the year? I want more Pokemon because I love collecting them a flute. My mom sum beads. Because I work so hard. Because we have no visits.

Best wishes for santa.



Dear Santa Claus

Hi my name is Kory. I am 11 years old. I like Xbox games. I am from Cache Creek, BC. I live on the street called sunvalley crescent. We decorate our house each year. Cache Creek is a small town. We don’t have lots of stores, instead we go to Kamloops to get things. I live in a family of four. I have one brother and a mom and dad. This year my grandpa from Quesnel is coming because my grandma died and I think it is first Christmas without her. I live in a big white house. This year I have been really good. A while ago I won a free coffee so I gave it to a lady who was sitting behind me. When you come to my house I will have cookies and milk will be waiting for you.

I would like to ask question now. When was the first Christmas and where? How cold it it where you live? Do you have an elf named Lonny because it sounds like an elf name? Do you ever get full of cookies and milk? Do you have a dog? That is all.

The thing I want most is terrain twister. If you can’t get me it could you get me a Scooby Doo movie or Call of Duty Ghosts? Could you get my mom a book and my dad a pair of gloves and my brother a jacket and could you go to Africa and give kids soccer balls to play with.

You should come to my house because this year I have been good. I get my parents coffee and ice tea when they ask and I bring stuff to them and I helped set up our decorations for our house even though it was -10 and I had to not have gloves on. I have drawn a picture for you.

I hope someone read my letter and gave it to Santa. Fly safely on your trip around the world on December 24. I can’t wait to see what you got me. Thanks for reading my letter.

Sincerely Kory


Dear Santa

Hi my name is Seth. I’m 13. I have a younger sister, she is 8 or 9, but that’s not all. I have a step sister that’s 8 or 9, a half-sister who is 1 and a 5 year old step brother. And I live at two houses – at my dad’s house with my step brother and sister, my half-sister, plus my step mom. At my mom’s house I have my step dad. I and my sister switch between houses every four days.

How are you? I’m not good at this date of time. My friends kicked me out of my desk and how is your wife. I hope you are well on Christmas and what do you do when you’re not busy? I hang out with my friends, play with the kids or go on my laptop when I’m at my mom’s. Do you know how long I’m on my laptop for?

I would like to get Pokemon X or Y for Christmas, or it I can’t get them, then a game boy charger. That’s all I want – Pokemon X and a game boy charger for Christmas.

Why should I get this? Because I love the Pokemon line of games. I’ve played them all but Pokemon Black and Wight/Black and Wight 2 I rilly want to play X and Y instead of Black and Wight. And the reason I want a game boy charger more is because I can’t play my game boy until I charge it and I bot two games for it but I can’t play them until it’s charged.

I hope you get my letter and I hope you have a vary Mary Christmas and a happy new year.



Dear Santa

My name is Elijah but you can call me E.J. I live in Cache Creek, BC Canada Collins rd. and I’m from Philippines. We just transfer for 11 month here in Cache Creek. I have my dad, mom and two brothers. My oldest brother is in the Philippines to finish his studies, because if he will study here, it’s expensive. My middle brother is studying at the T.R.U. – he received a scholarship because he is smarty pants. And by the way, santa, I’m the youngest son. I’m a good boy always but sometimes in school I’m not. I’m kind of loud and rude sometimes.

Is your reindeer still good and healthy? How many reindeer do you have? I know one of your reindeer’s name. It’s Rudolf? When I’m like 5 years old I’m always watching a reindeer movie or like that stuff, but now I’m kind of busy because of homeworks and playing my Xbox, and I think that my santa movies is gone.

Ok, here we go santa, here is what I want. I want a game for my Xbox 360, the name of the game is Left 4 Dead 2. It’s a zombie game, it costs like around $20 to $25 at Futureshop. I deserve because I’m a good boy and love Zombies, or Call of Duty: Ghost. It’s for Xbox 360. Santa, you can give me a TV, 32 inch or like that, because my dad and mom like to watch a movie like love story. I hate that! Or news so I can’t play my Xbox.

By the way santa, if you’re not diabetic, me and my mom can prefer Cholatety Brownies with sweet sprinkles on the top. I hope you, Santa, have a great life and always healthy had have a safe trip to deliver gifts 🙂

I hope you can give what I want. Thank you Santa!



Dear Santa

My name is Riley. I live on Loonlack rode in BC. I have 1 dog 1 sister and a brother.

How are the reindeers doing?

The think I want the most for Christmas is the new Air Hog because it does tricks and it goes really fast. The other think I want is the new Hex Bug Battle Arena. I want to give my best friend Batman Lego because he likes Batman.

I deserve this because I’ve been a good boy. Santa should remember to come to my house because I’ll have cookies and milk set out for him.

I hope you get this letter. I wish you have a good trip. Thank you for reading this letter.



Dear Santa

My name is Cheyenne. I live with my mom and dad and my sister lives in Kamloops. My mom stays at home with my dog and my dad works at Highland Valley Copper mine. My sister lives with her boyfriend Aaron and her son Ashton. Her boyfriend just lost his job so they aren’t getting any money. This Christmas I might be at my Grandma’s if the roads are good. If they aren’t we will be staying home. So could you stop by my house and see if I’m there? Thank you.

Do you have any reindeer, if so what are their names? What kind of cookies do you like? How many kids do you give presents to each year? When your elves start building toys for that year how do they know what to build? Do you have a pet? I do, he is a dog. His name is Riley. At first it was Wiley, but mom could not say that.

You already know what I would like for Christmas, but I haven’t told you what my mom and dad might want. Mom loves spicy candies and remember she can’t have aspartame or she might get sick. Dad doesn’t use the lotion you gave him last year, so it would be funny if you gave him socks. Tori might want a iTunes card for her ipad because she plays it a lot. We might have a stocking for Riley so you might have to look for it.

I have tried to be very good all year and make the right choices. I will leave cookies and milk for you either at my grandma’s house or at my house. What kind of milk do you like? Or are you allergic to milk and you just throw it out the window? Can you eat chocolate cookies?

Have a safe trip. Try not to let anybody see you. Oh and my grandma’s house does not have a chimney, so you might have to do through the front door. Hopefully it’s not foggy on Christmas. Thank you for reading my second letter.



Dear Santa

Hello, my name is Austin. I am an 11 year old grade 6 boy. I go to cache creek elementary school in a little town in cache creek; it is on caribou Hwy (BC Canada). I live in 16 mile also on caribou hwy. I liv in a very busy house with a giant cat machine thing in the back yard. I have a 6 person family living there. We get along very well together but not always. My situation at home is just get ready for school, leave, get home, do homework, do labor, eat diner and play last. I think I have been a good boy this year. I always use my manners at home and school. Also I do whatever my teacher or my mom like get stuff, stack chairs, bring wood, etc. It is hard to work with my siblings sometimes because we don’t agree with each other. I don’t believe that any kid is bad in anyway at all, they just have a devil inside them. Be welcome to visit my house any time you like.

I have lots of questions for you but I will give you only important ones. Ok if you are really real then why do my parents not believe in you? Will you write back? Have I been a good boy this year? Will I get presents this year? Will you give me the ones I want? Are you disturbed when people call you (big)? Are you the one that makes it snow? Are your elves happy when working for you? One last question: Are you even real? That’s all I have for you this year. I promise that I will write you another letter next year. Please can you recognize me net year? If you can that would be awesome for you to do that.

Santa, can you please tell your elves that I want only one thing for Christmas. And that is a gold Xbox controller. Only one thing. That’s all. It is good for you to get that because everyone in my family gets to play at the same time, then they won’t cry. But if I don’t get that then can I have more shirts, I’m running out of things to wear. But please give everyone in the whole entire world what they want. It’s best if everyone get what they want then nobody is sad or mad. Make everyone in the world have a very merry Christmas this year. Bt I think I helped you a little this year because I had 2 secret Santa gifts to give out this year – one to (…). I got her a… well, my mom helped me get a secret bag from some makeover shop. And one for my class mate (…). I got him a bubble blower and a yoyo. But I don’t think he wants that so give him something really good. I don’t want him to think I’m not a good friend.

Santa, please come to my house if you are really real. If you weren’t, I would be very disappointed. And I have a surprise when you get to my house, your favourite thing to eat: milk n’ cookies. I don’t really know if I’m going to my grandma’s or not but my lights will be on if I’m there or not. If you’re an elf than tell me and I will possibly write back to you. And you can describe yourself. And we will maybe be friends or something. I have one favor for you. Can you ban YOU-GI-OH (the card game) from buses? It is dangerous because you have to look at your opponent’s field when battling each other. They might fly when the brakes jam and get hurt. It will save the parents money and precious time for the doctors. It would help if you could. Or ask god if you can. Hope you can write back to me. Also have a same trip, best wish, thank you for reading.



Dear Santa

Hi my name is Alex. I’m 11 years old and I’m a boy. I live in Savona BC. I am only kid in my family. I have 3 dogs and a mom and dad. They are both nice to me. Have I been good or have I been bad.

How old are you. Do you have a wife, a mom, a dad, or a grandpa or Grama. Do you have a dog or cat or just reindeer.

I would like a small remote control plane please. If not a plane, I would like a helicopter please and thank you, that would be nice.

The thing I want the most is a brother. Why, because it’s lonely when I want to play with someone. I want you to give my friend chase what he want please. He does not believe in you 🙁

What makes me so good to get a plane. Santa, you should come to my house because I have been a good boy this year and you should see me helping out with wood and stuff.

I hope that someone reads my letter. Best wishes Santa. I hope you write back. Please write back send a picture of your self. Thank you for talking to me.



Dear Santa

Hi my name is Chase. I’m 11 years old and am male. I like in Cache Creek BC Canada and my neighbourhood is called Dog Patch. I’m the middle child in my family. So I’m the kid who people pay less attention go me because my older brother Rainn has the best grades and is the tallest, plus my little brother Quest is so small that people think he’s so cute too 🙂 But that makes it better for putting pranks. My family has money but that’s only because my dad works so much that I don’t get to see him and my mom’s a Stay at Home Mom. I’m not the best child in the world – I do get in trouble – but I’m also not the worst child in the world. I don’t know how you get into my house because my chimney leads to my fireplace with no way out. You might fall on the door and break it, you might pick the lock, or you might dig under and in.

How much do you weigh because you eat so many cookies? How tall are you? What do you feed the Reindeer? How smelly is your suit? Are the Santas in the mall fakers or you? When you get sleep and if you do, do you get a lot of it? Are you thinking about replacing your Reindeer?

All I want from you is a Pokemon Tin if you have the time. I want it because I don’t have many Pokemon cards and I would like some from you. I don’t care if you can’t get it for me even though I’ve never gotten what I wanted for Christmas before. I want you to give to the kids that don’t have money or are poor. They deserve gifts more than me.

I don’t deserve things as much as other kids, but I think I do deserve some things. I think you should remember to come to my house because it’s a bright pink/purple house beside a bunch of white, yellow and blue houses. I didn’t leave you a surprize at my house or did I? Now you don’t know.

I hope one of your elves read my letter because I worked hard on it. Hope you live forever. Best wishes to you, your wife and all the elves, reindeer, snowmen and Rudolf. Thank you for being there for all the nice kids in the world. Where would we be without you?



Dear Santa

Hi, my name is Stephen if you remember me and I really enjoyed the presents you gave me.

I have an adopted sister; she lives in the Philippines far away from where I live. My family is doing ok and so are my cousins. I just wish my older brother and sister were here for Christmas with my family.

Hope fully I’m not on the knotty list. I still live in Cache Creek near the post office. You’re welcome to my home any time you want. There will be a surprise for you on the porch in Christmas.

I was wondering how your reindeer flies. How do you get all the presents for all the children in just one night? That’s all the questions I have for you that I was really wondering about.

For Christmas honestly I don’t really want anything for Christmas. Well, maybe a couple things through. I wish that all the people that fight for us get to go home with their family for Christmas and people with no homes get to have a home to sleep in because it is very cold outside. I also would want for my parents to be happy with each other forever. That’s all I want for Christmas Santa Claus.

If you were wondering why I wanted these things for Christmas, well I wanted these things because others need more than I need and for the people that protect and serve deserve more than just likes on Facebook or prayers for them, they deserve to be with their family because that’s where they can be most happy. That’s all I want for Christmas. Hope fully you write back Santa and make sure Mrs. Claus doesn’t burn the cookies Lol.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year



Dear Santa Claus

Hello, my name is Oriana. I live in itty bitty Cache Creek. I’m the youngest child of three. I have 2 older brothers. My older brothers ALWAYS pick on me. I suppose I’ve been good, I won’t get into details though. My favourite subject is either visual arts or social studies. I have a pet chinchilla named Vezina.

How has your year been? I hope it’s been good. Have you already started loading up your sleigh? With presents for children all over the world you would have to. How are Mrs. Claus and the elves? I’ve always wondered, what do you do in your free time? Personally I make things out of duct tape, play with my chinchilla, or play video games like Mario and Zelda.

I guess this is the real purpose of the letter, right? For Christmas I would love an adventure time phone case, but what I would DIE for is tickets to an Owl City concert. Owl City is kind of my favourite band and adventure time is my favourite television show. This sounds really cheezy and cliche, but I would love to be with all my family. I know I can’t, but I would love it.

I suppose I could go on telling you how good I’ve been, but you’re the real judge of that. I ca try and persuade you, but you’ve made your decision already, whether it’s that I’ve been good or bad, you can only decide. I always find it silly how children try to convince you, but in your head you have the decision making power. I really do hope I’ve been good, but you never know, right? Oh well, if I’ve been bad it’s my fault. When you come to my house (or wherever I am) I promise to have cookies for you and carrots for the reindeer.

I hope you’ve read this letter (if you’re an elf I hope you pass this on to the man in red) and seen what I really want for Christmas. Please tell Mrs. Claus I say hello and give the reindeer a carrot for me, please. I hope you are safe on your travels and have fun bringing joy to children across the world.

Sincerely, Oriana


Dear Santa Claus

Hello my name is Bonnie; I am 11 year old girl. Some of my interests are piano, singing, crafting and the internet…

Anyways I am a fun active hyper girl that loves being with my friends and family. Christmas is my favourite holiday because of being with family friends, making food and baking, and also giving and getting gifts. My favourite things are Sushi, travelling, shopping, and I love the colour purple.

I come from Cache Creek a semi desert, in the winter it is very cold, but not as cold as the North Pole where you come from!

I have a family of 5. I am the oldest sister. I have a mom, dad, little brother Darren and my grandma. I am very annoyed by my brother a lot but, he is still my brother. Siblings are siblings, right? Do you have siblings? I also have a dog his name is Odie. The breed is a mix of put bull and a bulldog. He sounds like a big scary dog but, he is very sweet when you get to know him.

Hopefully I have been on your nice list this year and I didn’t bore  you with all this information about me.

So, how is Mrs. Claus? Also how is your reindeer and elves? Have you been up to date with all your letters this year? I sure wouldn’t be I would be scattered if I were you. Is the North Pole colder than usual this year? What are you going to do this Christmas holiday when you’re not busy making gifts and sending letters back to kids? This year for the holidays I will be in Vancouver with my aunt cousin and friends. So if you can please drop off presents for me and my family in my house in Vancouver.

Well I really don’t want anything for Christmas. It’s not because I have everything but, some kids and people out there don’t even get presents which is really sad to hear. It would be amazing if you could jus go down their chimney and give them gifts they would like or need. That would make my Christmas for sure! But, if you insist in giving me a gift and you really don’t know what I want well…. I would like anything for crafting. When I mean crafting I do not mean drawing or making things out of paper even through it sounds cool. I really would like some polymer clay and scribbles so I can make my very own creations.

Why I would like these things? Well as you heard I love crafting and making something of my own. Just doing something productive is just great! I hope you get this letter on time and come to my house, I have a couple little gifts and surprises I will be leaving by our Christmas tree for you the only and only Santa Claus.

Hopefully I get a response from you or your elves soon! Thank you Santa Claus for doing your job and making kids around the world so happy with all the gifts you bring to them and being so generous! Please have a safe trip around the globe and have a Happy Merry Christmas!

Best wishes, Bonnie


Dear Santa Claus

Hello my name is Kyla. I have two sisters and one Brother oh yay I am 11 years old how are you doing? Can you get my sister Channelle something please? Oh yay my sister ace can you get her something nice to please?

And my mom can you get her something nice too? And my dad can you also get him something nice to Pease? Ad me now can you please get me a bird? And my puppy can you get hi a toy and my cat may you get him a new bed and.

And I was a good girl I will give you 10 cookies and 1 glass of milk and you might see my puppy Gibby and my cat SpongeBob.

Sincerely Kyla