Sing, dance, act, tell a joke, or play some music at talent night

The latest Comings and Goings On in Spences Bridge.

Are we really finished with winter? The 10° on my thermometer and all the mud would suggest so, but February has a knack for tricking you into warm thoughts, then will turn around and bite you with another winter blast. We’ll see.

Soup day is beginning to pick up momentum, with lots of folks coming out to enjoy a bowl of soup with friends and neighbours. It’s every Wednesday at noon at Clemes Hall—everyone is very welcome. If you are interested in making the soup one week, sign up with Paulet at the post office (thanks Paulet!).

The Desert Daze committee has met again and is poring over all the many, many excellent musician applications we’ve received. Wow, what a lot of talent; too bad we couldn’t host a week-long festival and have them all perform! We are managing to pick and choose an amazing variety of genres, from blues, to country, to folk, to Acadian!

Anyone interested in being involved in the planning process would be very welcome. Of course we are now beginning to look for sponsorships, volunteers, and vendors; please visit the website if interested.

Regular bingo is continuing on the first Monday of the month—March 7 will be the next one. Attendance is picking up as folks become aware that it’s going on, and the “loonie pot” is growing, so come on out and have some fun; and you might just win! Doors open at 5:30pm at Clemes Hall.

Zumba will also continue Fridays at 10:00am at the Hall. Although this is Zumba Gold, designed for seniors, you can pump it up and make it a fun workout for the more energetic in the crowd.

Karen Savage will talk you through the workout no matter what your level (thanks Karen!). Just a few more weeks left before we take a break, so come on out! The drop in fee is very affordable, or you can pay in advance.

The last Thursday in the month will see performing arts night. On the heels of the success of poetry night, the group has decided to regularly host an evening celebrating various performing arts.

Talent night is next up, so if you sing, play an instrument, have a skit or stand-up comedy piece, or a poem or dance, come to Clemes Hall on Thursday Feb. 25th at 7:00pm.

At our last meeting on Feb.10, we had a special guest. Allie Blades from the Interior Community Foundation spoke to us about available grants for our community. Allie also explained how a “Spences Bridge Foundation” might be started, and what its benefits would be. If anyone would like more information regarding starting a foundation for our community I’d be happy to discuss it. We are very appreciative that Allie came to speak to our community, and the presentation was very helpful!

Have you been missing the Farmer’s Market? Don’t forget about the Deluxe Winter Market at Clemes Hall, Saturday and Sunday Feb. 27 and 28. The event takes place from 10:00am to 2:00pm each day, and will feature crafts, art, baking, and secondhand treasures. A table is only $5.00; to book one call Terri at (250) 458-2513.

Our next regular meeting will be Mar. 9 at 7:00pm at the Hall. Hope to see you at some of the above events, and at the meeting! If you haven’t already, “Like” us on Facebook, and watch for postings regarding the events and activities of the Spences Bridge Community Club.