TVMS board: (Front) Reta Robertson

TVMS board: (Front) Reta Robertson

Society assumes Lodge operation

After five years of mentorship, Thompson View Manor Society takes over Lodge operation fro InSite Housing.

The Board of the Thompson View Manor Society is proud to announce that the Society assumed full operational control of our Thompson View Lodge facility in Ashcroft last week.

The Thompson View Lodge is a 10-suite assisted living complex for seniors needing some support to be able to stay in their community with as much independence as possible. It adjoins the Thompson View Manor independent housing complex just below the Ashcroft & District Health Site. The Society owns the facility, but until recently, it has been operated by inSite Housing, Hospitality & Health Services Inc. under a mentoring contract with the Interior Health Authority. While managing the facility, inSite was also tasked with mentoring the Society to the point where it could take over operational control.

After lots of hard work by board members over the past five years as well as wonderful work by Renita Campbell, our facility General Manager, and Chelsea Allen, the Lodge’s Community Manager, the Lodge came under our full control on Dec. 4. As a measure of our collective success, the BC Seniors Living Association (BCSLA) awarded the Thompson View Lodge with its highly prized Seal of Approval designation on Aug. 17.

The Society wishes to thank inSite Housing, Hospitality & Health Services Inc. for all of its hard work in getting the Lodge, staff, and society members ready for this accomplishment, especially Carole Holmes who mentored us so well.