The “Day of Caring” United Way group: Judy Sturm

The “Day of Caring” United Way group: Judy Sturm

Soups On gets special treatment from Steel Workers and United Way

Steel Workers Local 7619 hosted last week's Soups On with United Way employees who chose the weekly event for their Day of Caring.

Friday, Feb. 20 was a lucky day in Soup’s On history! Not only were the United Steel Workers Local 7619 hosting the luncheon with their fabulous Roast Beef and all the trimmings dinner, but the United Way staff and volunteers were helping with their “Day of Caring” here in Ashcroft.

The United Way also provided the funds to purchase the new six-burner commercial electric range for the Soups On kitchen at St. Albans. We certainly are most grateful for this wonderful addition to assist in preparing the fantastic soups and other foods that are created for our Soup’s On guests. Join us for a luncheon and let us know if food tastes even better now with the new stove.

Martina Duncan