Soups On program needs help to keep going

Popular Ashcroft lunch program needs volunteers.

You probably know by now about our Community Connections program called Soup’s On. It is held each Friday from 11 am to 1 pm at St Alban’s Anglican Church hall, and anyone and everyone in the area is invited and encouraged to attend for a healthy lunch of home made soups and desserts along with fresh fruits and vegetables, served either cut up or in delicious salads.

This is the third year of offering this program which benefits many in our communities. It is a place for people new to town to meet those of us who have been here for eons, or what may feel like eons. And at Soup’s On, old-timers come together to socialize and eat and the newcomers have a chance to get to know them and each other. This greatly strengthens our sense of being part of a community and not simply a resident of a village.

Now, for the first time, we have come to a place where we had to consider closing down during the summer months. Volunteers, who come from all walks of life and corners of the community, carry out the program every Friday throughout each year. This year lots of them are busy in the summer, some people have moved, others are feeling it’s time to hand on the opportunity for volunteering to others, and so we came to the place where a decision had to be made.

A meeting was held last Monday, and many spoke of the value of the program and their reluctance to close for the summer. After the discussion it was decided that we will carry on throughout the summer months this year.

So now we need your help. Do you have four or five hours you could volunteer once over July or August? Some new volunteers are needed to help keep those delicious lunches going every Friday.

Helping to put on a luncheon has many different chores. People are needed to chop fruit and vegetables, to help with serving the soups and other foods, to set up and clean up tables and to help with doing the dishes. Doing dishes, by the way, is much easier now that we have a dishwasher on site and some fabulous dish directors.

So please consider how you may help out this summer (and of course you’ll be welcome to continue on into the Fall) and call (250) 453-9651 and leave a message with your name and telephone number. You will be having fun and serving your communities in a healthy and nutritious way before you know it!!!

Martina Baier