Spences Bridge fifth in ultimate fishing town vote

Round-up of news from Spences Bridge, including news about a surprise contest win.

I trust everyone is enjoying the summer weather and getting out to enjoy summer activities, without overheating! The rivers are finally low enough to provide some safe swimming spots; an ideal way to beat the heat and enjoy it at the same time.

We are definitely gearing up for the hot summer event of the year. The Desert Daze festival is all systems go: the line-up has been finalized, and the web page is set. Check out www.desertdaze.ca for all the details. Buy your tickets, sign up for volunteering, or book as a vendor. The planning committee is very excited about the musicians coming this year; let’s hope we get the weather!

The Community Club called a special meeting to discuss how we might alter our New Horizons Senior’s grant proposal, with hopes of being successful this time. There was a nice turnout, and a great discussion was given direction as to what changes need to be made. The group has determined that the important goal of unifying the community through deeper understanding, and mentoring of each other, needs to be highlighted. Last year’s grant gave the community the opportunity to work together, with many different arts and crafts activities benefiting our Elders in so many ways. The hope is to receive funding for a new project so the benefits can continue. The application has been submitted, and now we wait with fingers crossed.

We are also in the process of applying for some grant monies for our community hall renovations. Clemmes Hall has been the hub of this community for more than 100 years. It has seen so many dances, meetings, weddings, and funerals; if only the walls could talk! The Community Club hopes to keep the hall alive and vibrant for many years to come, thus the application to clean out the bats, put in a new furnace and doors, and so on. Again, we’re crossing our fingers that we are successful in securing funding for this important project.

The T.V./radio tower saga continues. The cement base has been poured, part of the tower has been delivered, and the rest is on the way. Next is to organize the technician to come and get us set up, and we may have CBC radio by summer’s end! Thanks so much to Arnie Oram and Dave Rice for helping out with getting the base set.

An update regarding “Ultimate Fishing Town”, a voting contest sponsored by World Fishing Network. Well, little old Spences Bridge was nominated, and out of about 250 entries across the country, we amazingly came in at fifth place! We unexpectedly won a $1,500 prize, and the Spence Bridge Steelhead Advocacy group will determine the best use for it. Habitat restoration is one possibility.

The Community Club takes a break from meetings through the summer, so our next meeting is Sept. 12. This will also be our AGM, member dues are due, and election of officers will be held. Please consider getting involved, as we’ve got lots going on!