Dixie Rice

Dixie Rice

Spences Bridge salutes its First Responder team

Spences Bridge Fire Chief Arnie Oram says town is lucky to have them.

Our First Responders in Spences Bridge are second to none and we are very lucky to have them: Wanda Dickinson, Paulet Rice, Karen Peters, Dixie Rice assist our Fire Department and 911 emergencies.

They are very well trained, well equipped and are first on the scene before the ambulance service arrived. These volunteers are very dedicated and meet once a week, check supplies, review calls and review their training. Our First Responders are there to provide life-saving First Aid and help reduce the risk of further injuries or deaths in the critical minutes until medical assistance arrives (Ambulance services here generally come from Ashcroft or Lytton.)

Hats off to our ladies for being very professional and committed.

Arnie Oram, Chief

Spences Bridge Volunteer Fire Department