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St. Alban’s continues its work in church and community

Soup’s On weekly lunch continues every Friday, and all are welcome
St. Alban’s Anglican Church, Ashcroft. (Photo credit: Journal files)

By The Rev. Linda LaGroix

Greetings from our little community church of St. Alban’s Anglican!

It seems to have been such a long time since I have reached out to you that I feel that I should bring you up to date with the goings-on here.

This summer was a busy time, with the usual services of Holy Communion and Morning Prayer, as well as time off for many of us. Thanks be to God for the excellent and dependable helpers we have who allow us all to enjoy some much-deserved rest.

In addition to two memorial services, I was able to officiate at three weddings this summer: all truly blessings to me, to them, and to our community. God is at work in our people. Alleluia!

This fall, while we continue in the Season of Pentecost — the “Green, Growing Season” — we have also focused on the environment, starting in the summer and then continuing with the “Season of Creation: River of Justice and Peace”. This was a one-month focus on the forests, the land, the wilderness and the rivers, seeking to find peace and justice for them and for us in these images. Each week we included a brief reflection on the element of creation and reminded us of our role in reducing our impacts. In these days we need to be more aware of how we can reduce our “footprint”.

Our Bible Study resumed on Sept. 27 with a three-week examination of the names of God from the Old Testament: names that help us to learn and trust the characteristics of God, as inspired by God and recorded by the scribes. If you would like a copy of our study material, please let me know.

Starting on Nov. 8, with Matthew 25: 1-13, we will use our study time to read and reflect on upcoming Gospel readings. Other sessions will be on Nov. 15 (Matthew 25: 14-30), Nov. 22 (Matthew 25: 31-46), and Nov. 29 (Mark 13: 24-37, as we begin Advent and Year B in the church calendar).

During the season of Advent, on Dec. 6 and Dec. 13, we will focus on the meaning of Advent, in preparation for a renewed experience of Jesus’ birth within us and around us.

With respect to our work in the church and in the community, we are thankful that our Soup’s On community outreach of love and shared meals continues, with a Thanksgiving dinner on Oct. 6, meals every Friday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and a planned Christmas dinner on Dec. 22. Thanks to all from the community who make this blessing spread! And remember that all are welcome to come and share food and fellowship.

In the church building, we are working on having the roof of the church and the steeple re-roofed with metal roofing like the hall, as well as freshening up the paint on the outside. We have a contractor replacing the back steps at the rectory, and we continue to be so thankful for those who keep our flowers outside and inside the church so beautiful for us!

We continue to give God thanks for the gift of Theresa, who plays music for us at our services, and we are so thankful for the members from Zion United who have comfortably joined us and contribute much to our services and fellowship.

Many blessings on our journey with Christ, as God’s light in our world!