Striking A Balance – Begin 2014 by becoming a volunteer

Susan Swan's weekly column of community news and events in Clinton.

Top: The Clinton Cleavages recently held a fundraiser and donated their entire earnings of $1

Top: The Clinton Cleavages recently held a fundraiser and donated their entire earnings of $1

Local Groups Benefit

In December, the Clinton Lions Club distributed some of the funds they had raised over the year. Benefiting from their generosity was Variety – The Children’s Charity project, which received a cheque for $400. Lions Club treasurer, Jim Thompson presented the cheque to Variety project organizers Fran White and June Bourgo.

Thompson also presented a $500 cheque to the Clinton 4-H Club Leader Don Rose for the club’s travel account.

Helene Cade accepted a cheque from Thompson to put towards the Old Timer’s Tea, which is held in May as part of the Clinton Western Heritage Week.

June Bourgo and Fran White also accepted a $1,056 donation for Variety – The Children’s Charity from Lois Thompson, Carol Higginbottom and Marcia Begin all of the Clinton Cleavages. These funds were the result of a recent fundraising event.

Make plans to watch Variety – The Children’s Charity ‘Show of Hearts Telethon’ on the weekend of Jan. 25-26 to see the Clinton group present a cheque on behalf of the citizens of Clinton.

A New Year Begins

With the busy Christmas and New Year’s Eve activities behind us we can once again get our lives back to normal (or whatever may pass for normal in your life).

Many of the organizations are once again holding regular meetings and as usual, most would welcome new members.

All the activities that were held over the past anniversary year in Clinton were put on by volunteer organizations. These activities could not have happened with out the countless hours of volunteer work that went into them.

If you would like to get involved in your community check at the Village Office for a list of the organizations in your community and pick one (or more) that interest you and get involved.

Back to School

The holidays are over and the students have returned to class at David Stoddart School. Watch for them walking along the roadside as they make their way to the school. Sidewalks can be slippery and accidents can happen so the driving public needs to be vigilant.

Clear your Windows

During the cold weather it can be a challenge to clear the snow and frost off your car windows. Did you know that you could be fined if you are caught driving with your windows only partially cleared?

I found that out the hard way a couple of winters ago when I was pulled over by the RCMP for that very infraction. As the member explained it, my visibility was partially obscured by the thick ice around the edges of my windshield. And she was right! I could not see clearly. If a pedestrian had stepped off the curb beside me I may not have seen them.

It may take a few moments longer to heat up your vehicle and completely clear the windows but it is worth it.

Council Meetings

Normally the regular meetings of the Village of Clinton Council are held the second and fourth Wednesday of each month. Due to the Village Office being closed over the holidays, the January meetings will be held the third and fifth Wednesdays. So the meetings are Jan. 15 and 29 beginning at 7 p.m. in Council Chambers.

As always, members of the public are welcome to attend. There is a question period in which questions regarding anything that is on the current agenda can be asked.

Susan Swan