Striking A Balance – Family Day unique, hockey skills competition coming

Susan Swan's weekly column of community news and events in Clinton.

BC Family Day

Last week I posed the question of why our Family Day was a different day than several other jurisdictions.

Darren J. Lowe of Coquitlam emailed me and directed me to the official BC Family Day blog. It explains that between May 8 and May 22, 2012, there was an online poll, Twitter and email questionnaire asking British Columbians when they wanted our Family Day to be held.

Of the 31,146 votes 18,202 wanted the second Monday of February. The most cited comment was that by having it on a day separate from Alberta and Washington it might generate more visits to BC. (Not sure how that would work if they weren’t on holiday at that time unless they meant on the following Monday when these areas were on holiday and we were not?)

It was also thought that by not aligning with other jurisdictions we could avoid crowds and have a unique BC experience.

So there you have it! We want more people to come here to celebrate Family Day (even though they are not on holiday at the same time so how could they?) but we want to avoid crowds and have our own unique holiday.

Thanks to Darren for directing me to this blog. It is nice to know that The Journal is read outside of our own area.

Clinton Minor Hockey

Come out on Sunday, Feb. 23 to cheer on the kids in the Clinton Minor Hockey Second Annual Skills Competition.

It will begin at 4 p.m. in the 47 Mile Sports Complex (Clinton Arena). These are the budding hockey stars of the future. Show them your support. There will be a concession (by donation) on site.

Susan Swan