RCL /194 President Marian Nelson welcomes new members Jeff McMichaels and Robert Wellman with Comrades Lena Czerwonko and Wayne Marchant.

RCL /194 President Marian Nelson welcomes new members Jeff McMichaels and Robert Wellman with Comrades Lena Czerwonko and Wayne Marchant.

Striking a Balance – MARSLIFE returns to Clinton

Weekly community news and events in and around Clinton.

Economic Development AGM

The Clinton and District Economic Development Society Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, Nov. 6 with a good crowd in the Clinton Memorial Hall.

Representatives from ABC Communications were on hand to explain the upgrades they hope to do in the Clinton area in the near future. If approved, they would build a 100-foot tower in the Village to provide service to their customers. Currently, they rely on a tower on Lime Mountain to serve many of their business customers.

There have been problems with power outages to the tower, causing loss of service to Internet users. The new tower would eliminate this problem as all ABC customers would be served from this one tower.

Guest speakers included Marc Imus, Director of Economic Development, Kamloops in the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training. He works with Beetle Action Coalitions for economic development and diversification.

Also speaking was Victoria Weller of the TNRD Film Commission. She spoke on employment opportunities in the film industry, a movie extras database she is creating, past filming in the area and the economic impact this filming has on the area. More information can be had at the TNRD Film Commission website.

Donnie Reid from NASA gave an over view of the findings in Kelly Lake during the MARSLIFE Project in the summer of 2011. He said they left Kelly Lake with a lot of answers but also a lot of questions. They left some instruments on the bottom of Kelly Lake to measure different things for them. NASA plans to return to Kelly Lake for more scientific operations in 2014. The work done there is an analogue for future scientific space exploration.

Reid stated that many of the people who worked on the project in Kelly Lake in 2011 still comment on the welcome and interest shown in Clinton. Almost 900 people went through the Mobile Mission Command Centre that was set up in the Cariboo Lodge perking lot. Another 80 to 90 scientists, divers, etc. will be coming to Clinton in 2014. The ultimate destination is Mars.

Economic Development Elections

Following the speakers at the Economic Development Society AGM the election of officers was held. The results were: president Robin Fennell; vice president Yvette May; Treasurer Angie Cahill and directors Jane Wang, Katie McCullough, Judy Hampton, John White and Dorthy Winfrey. A Village of Clinton staff person, currently Joanne Molnar, fills in as Secretary for the Society.

Seniors Market Place

The Clinton Seniors Association held their annual flea market, recently renamed the Seniors Market Place on Saturday, Nov. 10 at the Clinton Community Hall.

In addition to the usual games of chance, concession and bake sales there were tables of crafts and new and used items to choose from.

It appeared that the number of shoppers was down from previous years but that seems to be a trend this year. Other events are also showing smaller numbers of shoppers. Perhaps some people haven’t yet realized how important it is to support local businesses and organizations.

A dollar spent locally circulates five to 15 times before it leaves the community whereas a dollar spent at a national chain store leave your community immediately.

Remembrance Day Service

It is on a cold, windy day such as we had on Sunday, Nov. 11 that one really appreciates the indoor cenotaph inside the Memorial Hall in Clinton.

I clearly remember standing out in the cold, windy, rain and even snow on Remembrance Day in previous locations where I lived.

This year the Memorial Hall was filled with residents and visitors coming together to remember and give thanks for those who fought the battles to give us the life styles that we enjoy today.

The service was conducted by Marian Nelson, president of the RCL #194 in Clinton with help of Comrade Lorne Bernhardt. The colour party was escorted in by four members of the RCMP in their red serge. Numerous wreaths were laid in front of the cenotaph.

A letter from Prime Minister Harper was read and then Lorne Bernhardt shared personal memories of past conflicts and some of the people who fought them. Following the very moving service a lunch was served at the Legion next door to the hall.

During the luncheon two new members of the Clinton RCL #194 were sworn in. Newest members are Cst. Jeff McMichaels and Cst. Robert Wellman of the Clinton RCMP Detachment.

Snow Jockey Club

The Clinton Snow Jockey Club is gearing up for the upcoming cross-country ski season.

Recent elections resulted in president Jennifer Jakubovski; vice president  Kit Haourt; Secretary Colleen Langton; Treasurer Janet Lowe and directors Ron Gauthier, Rolly and Carol Higginbottom and Michelle Nelson.

Now all that is needed is enough snow to get the trails in shape.

Clinton Seniors Association

The Clinton Seniors Association will hold their monthly luncheon at noon on Thursday, Nov. 15 in the Seniors Centre at 217 Smith Ave. New members are welcome to attend. If you are a senior and are new to Clinton drop by and meet some friendly, interesting people. The seniors meet for cards, games, etc. on a regular basis.

Following the lunch the Annual General Meeting will be held with the election of officers for 2013.

Clinton & District TV Society AGM

The Clinton and District TV Society will host their Annual General Meeting and public meeting on Thursday, Nov. 15 at 2 p.m. in the Clinton Library.

The TV Society rebroadcasts TV to the areas of Big Bar, Meadow Lake, 70 Mile House, South Green Lake, Clinton and Loon Lake.

If you use ‘over the air’ signal by antenna for your TV then this meeting will be of importance to you.