Tennis club wraps up the season

Raymond and Dwight Dick win the Ashcroft District Tennis Association's Annual Fall Tennis Tournament.

Raymond Dick and son

Raymond Dick and son

ADTA held its Annual Fall Tennis Tournament recently with 12 participants making up six teams. There was a father and son team, a “most” senior and junior team, and ladies doubles team – a real mixed group of ages, skills, and males and females. The possibility of rain (not in a desert) threatened to delay the play but the wind blew in pushing the rain clouds away and helped to provide excuses for missed shots. (Blame the wind excuse)!

Many games were tied, but in the finals, it took a tie breaker plus a broken racket and lost balls to establish winners with Raymond Dick and son, Dwight Dick coming first and Anna Ho and Vic Koop coming second. John Farmer and Connor Cave stole third place from Colin Franes and Arno Helner who had to settle for fourth.

The River Inn was the location of the Annual General Meeting. The election of officers was held with Anna Ho, Mike Baldwin, Colin Franes, Gloria Mertens and Maria Russell Martin as directors. The later was elected as president by acclamation.

Awards and speeches (Raymond Dick’s speech was an inspiring hoot!) were presented after a delicious sit down meal at the River Inn. A surprise “For the Love of the Game” trophy was presented to Maria Russell Martin!

A big shoutout goes to the following local businesses for their generous donations – Interior Savings, People’s Drug Mart, Nature’s Gifts, Ashcroft Building Centre, Ashcroft Work Wear, Semlin Valley Golf Club, and Fields.

Maria Russell Martin