The power of prayer offered to those who need it

Prayer group in Ashcroft wants to spread the positive energy.

The world is holy. We are holy. All life is holy. Daily prayers are delivered on the lips of breaking waves, the whisperings of grasses, the shimmering of leaves. – Terry Tempest Williams

Prayer is something that we do all the time, yet often without any realization that what we are about is prayer. Think of times spent in nature, when you find yourself stopped, simply in awe at what you are experiencing. How about hiking in the hills, sitting by the water with waves lapping at your feet, meditating on your own or in a group or a walk in the park with grandchildren? When we are truly present to what we are experiencing, it is an act of prayer.

Another form of prayer is more intentional – people gather to pray about issues or concerns in their lives, their communities, their countries and the world. And they come together to share what they are grateful for in their own and others’ lives.

St Alban’s has a group of people who come together each week to pray intentionally. We gather to pray for such things as divine order, guidance, health, peace and harmony, divine justice, protection and comfort. Our prayer time together demonstrates our knowing that there is divine order in our lives and our world, despite how things may look from our small viewpoint. And prayers are offered from that perspective.

If you have someone or something you would like us to pray about, a confidential message can be left on the church phone, 250 453-9909, or through the prayer box at the back of the church. There are prayer sheets that can be filled out and placed in the box, with or without your name attached. Let us know – we’ll hold you in our prayers.

Martina Duncan