(from left) Lynn Shook, accepting the “Best Commercial” light-up award for Brenda Slade of As the Crow Flies; Amanda Nelson and Margaret Fletcher, the “Best Residential” winners; and Clinton CiB chair Chris Jonstone. Photo: Yvette May.

(from left) Lynn Shook, accepting the “Best Commercial” light-up award for Brenda Slade of As the Crow Flies; Amanda Nelson and Margaret Fletcher, the “Best Residential” winners; and Clinton CiB chair Chris Jonstone. Photo: Yvette May.

The Rundown: Clinton News

Christmas light-up results, the DSS Christmas concert, a new Loomis pick-up point, and more.

Updates from the Wildfire Recovery Manager

If you are a business owner in Clinton, the Wildfire Recovery Manager, Daniela Dyck, would like to invite you to complete a survey that will be used to develop the Economic Wildfire Recovery Plan for the Village.

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes, and can be completed at http://bit.ly/2plsJVP.

Information gathered from business owners who participate in the survey will be compiled in aggregate and will remain anonymous. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Dyck by email at cdc@village.clinton.bc.ca or by phone at (250) 459-2261.

Dyck recently participated in an Agri-Recovery teleconference that included guests from both the Ministry of Agriculture and the BC Cattlemen’s Association.

Though the teleconference was full of useful information regarding provincial Wildfire Recovery Programs, Dyck chose to share a few important items with the general public through her Wildfire Recovery Facebook page.

She reminded residents that the Red Cross is still available for funds and assistance, and noted that all ranchers and farmers are encouraged to apply for wildfire-related funding by the end of January. Dyck said that in addition to the Wildfire Recovery Programs, the BC Ministry of Agriculture has also developed a new farm business advisory program for livestock producers that will help families and businesses recover from losses caused by the recent wildfires.

Due to the hay deficit, Dyck also reminded ranchers to order their hay in as soon as possible, since rangelands may not be viable for grazing in 2018. Plenty of feed has been shipped in from Alberta and the Peace region, and for those interested in a full list of hay suppliers, the BC Cattlemen’s Association can provide that.

Under the Farm Business Recovery Advisory Program, ranchers can even access a qualified advisor’s support to help them build a recovery plan. To be eligible for advisory assistance, your farm or ranch must have farm income through CRA classification.

To read more about the available advisory programs, visit http://bit.ly/2BpKxAL. For detailed updates from the Wildfire Recovery Manager or to read more about the recent Agri-Recovery teleconference, be sure to follow Clinton’s Wildfire Recovery Facebook page.

Communities in Bloom Christmas Light-Up results

The results of the Clinton Communities in Bloom Christmas Light-Up contest were announced on December 21 by Yvette Marie May.

This year the committee asked the public to nominate their choices for the best light displays in the community, with the nominations then tallied by the committee to reflect the choices made by those who took the time to phone in or email the Village.

The winner of the “Best Commercial” display was As the Crow Flies; congratulations to Brenda Slade!

Honourable mention for Commercial display goes to the BC Liquor Store; congratulations to Tracey Fallstrom and company!

There were two “Best Residential” display winners. Congratulations to Margaret Fletcher and Jake McLean of McDonald Street, as well as Amanda and Trevor Nelson of Lagoon Court. Honourable mentions for Residential display go to D. L’Heureux, K. Allan, and the McCalls of Lagoon Court.

The Communities in Bloom committee would like to thank the community for getting out to enjoy the displays and cast their votes again this year. Local support truly made it a spectacular one. Well done, Clinton!

Changes accompany Country Squire’s closure

On December 22 the Country Squire Gift Shop closed its doors for the last time. Owner and former Journal columnist Susan Swan wishes to remind residents that the Loomis Express Depot will be moving to Munro’s Feed and Supplies in 2018.

If you are expecting something to come by Loomis Express during the holidays and are wondering what will happen now that the Country Squire Gift Shop has closed, not to worry. Swan will be in the shop for a few hours each day and will be able to receive your parcels and call the recipients of any deliveries.

The last Loomis Express delivery to the Country Squire Gift Shop will take place on the evening of December 28. In the new year, Jane Munro will be your Loomis go-to gal.

For those who normally have their garbage picked up on Mondays by The Country Squire—aka Greg Swan—please note: December 25 and January 1 garbage pickup will instead be done on Friday, December 29.

Please have your garbage out at the usual time. Thank you!

David Stoddart Christmas Concert another success

The annual Seniors’ Christmas Dinner took place at David Stoddart School on December 20, followed by the evening Christmas Concert in the school gymnasium.

The entertaining concert was well-attended by residents, parents, and grandparents alike, and was complete with countless hand-painted decorations created by DSS students.

Children of all ages helped contribute to the Christmas production, with singing from Mrs. Burrage’s pre-schoolers and support from the Grade 12 students too. Clinton resident Jessica Lawrence was presented with a white poinsettia to thank her for volunteering to help put on the After School Program’s production of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. A truly wonderful time was had by all who were in attendance.

Don’t forget: students head back to class after the Christmas break on Monday, January 8.

Happy Holidays, everyone!


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