Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart (centre) with former Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon (left) on Guichon’s last day in office last month.

Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart (centre) with former Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon (left) on Guichon’s last day in office last month.

The Rundown: Clinton News

Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart asks for answers about Clinton seniors’ housing.

By Raven Nyman

MLA Jackie Tegart provides a voice for Clinton’s Senior Housing Project

Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart recently shared a video on social media of her experience discussing the Assisted Living Project—Clinton’s Seniors’ Housing Project—with the Minister of Housing in budget debates in the Legislature.

In the video clip, Tegart explains how the project has worked through many hardships, including the tearing down of Clinton Elementary School, eliminating asbestos from the premises, and the challenges of various parties holding ownership of the land. Tegart addressed Selina Robinson, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and stated that she was pleased to hear work is being done in Penticton, but hopes for the same in Clinton.

“We have a Seniors’ Housing project that has been on the go for about four years,” she told the minister. Tegart noted that Clinton has a very dedicated group working on seniors’ housing in the Village, and that the group visits her office weekly to push the project.

“Recently, one of their seniors had to move to Ashcroft, because she just couldn’t wait. I wonder if the minister could give me a timeline, some dates, any kind of tidbit that my group would just be thrilled to hear about [regarding] what the next step is, and if in their lifetime we’re going to see the building built?”

Robinson responded to Tegart, and mentioned that she remembered meeting with representatives from Clinton, and that their group stood out to her “because they were so earnest”.

“This was a complicated land assembly,” stated Robinson. “It had to do with school district land which made it very complicated, and staff have invested a lot of time to help move this project forward.” She encouraged Tegart to let Clinton know that “We’re on it.”

“We’re well aware of the project,” she said. “We’ve just announced significant funding.” Robinson hopes to capitalize on that funding, and promises that her staff are committed to seeing the project through to completion, after having already invested so much time on it.

Tegart thanked Robinson for her statements, and offered her own promise: “I can guarantee you that I have a group in Clinton that will be phoning every week. I’ll put you on their phone list also because they absolutely are dedicated to keeping their seniors in the community and looking for affordable housing.”

“They will be holding all of us accountable,” she concluded.

Robinson responded to express appreciation for the input she has received from Clinton. She stressed the value in hearing from small communities and learning about their unique housing needs.

The video exchange between Robinson and Tegart can be viewed on Tegart’s public Facebook page (Jackie Tegart).

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