Toy Lending Libraries at Gold Trail schools

School District 74 lends backpacks full of age-appropriate toys, puzzles and books through its elementary schools.

The mission of the Gold Trail Board of Education is to create a dynamic and supportive learning community that inspires and enables all students to achieve their potential.

Part of the Board’s work is to support the youngest members of our communities, those under six years old. For the last several years, schools have been supporting families and these young learners through programs such as StrongStart, PALS (Parents as Literacy Supporters) and Ready Set Learn.

The Board recognizes one of the ways to create a dynamic and supportive learning environment for young children is for play based activities that support each child’s development. To support this, Ashcroft Elementary, Cache Creek Elementary, David Stoddart, Sk’il’ Mountain Community, George M Murray Elementary, Cayoosh Elementary, and Lytton Elementary Schools have a Toy Lending Library. Each Toy Lending Library has backpacks with an age appropriate toy, puzzle and book for the following ages: birth to one year; one to two years; two to three years; three to five years; and, five to six years.

Chair Carmen Ranta comments, “We welcome caregivers to pick up a backpack from their local school, take it home for their children to enjoy and return it when they are done and pick up another one. The Board sees The Toy Lending Library as an exciting way for families to continually bring new toys and activities into their home that support their child’s learning.”