UCW preparing for annual Bean Supper

Monthly news from the United Church Women at Ashcroft's Zion United Church.

Ten ladies answered the roll call for our February meeting of Zion’s United Church Women.

Phyllis Gray led the Devotional taken from a Present Help by Robert A. Wallace. Scripture readings were from Luke and 2 Thessolonians. The title was How much are you worth? and from it we are to remember that we are worth an infinite amount, each of us, simply because we are well loved children of God. Knowing we are all well loved helps us to love others.

We had a busy agenda which began with plans for the World Day of Prayer to be held in Zion United Church on March 1 at 7 pm. Watch for a reminder in The Journal’s Coming Events. One of our long term goals is to purchase a commercial dishwasher for our kitchen. Some of our fundraising events will help provide for this item.

Our Bean Supper date will be March 11 with two sittings. The first from 5-6 pm and the second from 6-7 pm. Watch for posters and a notice in The Journal’s Coming Events.

Valentine cards will be given to the residents of Garden Oasis at the hospital for their use.

Reports were given – the treasurer’s written and the rest verbally. Many cards were sent out in the past month for birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions. Reta Robertson reported on our Outreach program and said she received 190 Campbell soup labels and quite a few used stamps. These are sent on and used for the furtherings of Christian work, so many thanks to all of you who save these items for us. You are all part of our Outreach work.

Several pieces of correspondence were dealt with before we broke for refreshments.

At the end of the meeting, all those who are part of the entertainment for the Friendship Tea readied for our practise run through. By the time you read this, our Tea will be over and hopefully we had a good turnout. This will be a time together of fun, fellowship and food, and it is our way of expressing our thanks to the community for supporting us in all our fundraising endeavours.

We closed our meting with the UCW Creed. Any ladies who are interested in our work are welcome to join us or come as a visitor.

Phyllis Gray