United in Spirit – Friendship Tea, Bean Supper and World Day of Prayer

The Zion United Church Women's monthly column of their work and projects.

We held our first meeting of the new year on Jan. 6 with seven members present.

President Reta Robertson opened the meeting at 2 pm with a warm welcome and good wishes for 2015. We repeated together the United Church Women’s purpose.

Joyce Freeman led the Devotional from the book Program Ready by Dorothy MacNeill. With Jan. 6 being Epiphany, this was the theme about the visit of the Magi to see the baby Jesus. The scripture reading was John 1:1-9 and 8:12 reminding us that Jesus brought Light into a world of darkness and that Light can never be extinguished. She closed with prayer and with a reminder that the Light that came into the world was Jesus.

The business part of the meeting was dealt with through motions made and accepted. We evaluated the Inter-Church Bazaar and at this time want to thank everyone who came and supported us by donating and buying, attending the lunch and enjoying the Fellowship. Without your support it would not have been successful, so many thanks to each of you,

Our Friendship Tea in February, to which everyone is invited, was discussed and plans made. Watch for posters and a reminder in The Journal. This tea is also for the men in our community also, so please come too.

Correspondence was dealt with and many pieces – news from Naramata Centre, First United Church Mission, Action International, VST information and material for the World Day of Prayer in March which our church will be hosting.

Reports were given – Treasurer Colleen Mireau handed out a written report which was voted on and accepted. The other reports – Sunshine from Dorothy Pears, Publicity from Phyllis Gray and Outreach from Reta Robertson were given. There was no Archives report as Hilda Drinkwater was away. Many Campbell’s labels and stamps were given over to Reta to be sent on to help with Christian work elsewhere. We thank you all for saving these items and passing them along to support our Outreach program.

We then paused for refreshments and fellowship time.

When we reconvened we began the initial plans for the World Day of Prayer in March and the initial plans for our Annual Bean Supper, also in March. Watch for posters. Statistic report forms arrived to be filled out and returned.

We will bring three Valentine cards each to the next meeting, to be used by the residents of Garden Oasis at the hospital. Up and coming Sunday service for regular worship was planned.

The next meeting will be Feb. 3 at 2 pm in our Church Hall and devotional and refreshment people were noted. We closed with the U.C.W. Prayer. If anyone is interested in our work and would like to come as a visitor or join us you would be most welcome.

Phyllis Gray