United in Spirit – Sharing the power of prayer

Phyllis Gray's monthly report on Zion's United Church Women.

Eight ladies attended the first meeting after the summer break on Sept. 1 in the United Church Hall. President Reta Robertson welcomed everyone and thanked them for their interest in the work of the UCW.

Reta lead us in our Devotional time with Psalm 107:6-8. She read a story that her mother Mrs. Chase wrote many years ago about an event that happened in New Mexico about a hot air balloonist. While up in the air, she had a frightening experience putting her in the path of a dust devil. She wasn’t sure what to do but wanted to get back to Earth quickly.

She earnestly prayed and felt a presence with her telling her to open the burners, which she ended up doing and the balloon rose and came away from the threatening dust devil. This event changed her life.

We need to believe that God does answer prayers. We closed the Devotional with the Lord’s Prayer.

The agenda was approved – the May minutes were approved as corrected and the June minutes were approved as written.

Old Business was next and since the UCW lead the Aug. 30 worship, we evaluated the service. The Bakeless Bake Sale will be held later in September.

An account of Rita Chretien’s 49 days of survival in the wilds of Nevada was written in Our Daily Bread newsletter, how prayer helped her through this ordeal and she was eventually rescued. We received an update from Carmen of her work. Riding The Waves newsmagazine was received, as well as a newsletter from First United Church Community Ministry Society. The last piece of correspondence was from the Centre for Christian Studies called Tapestry.

Reports were next and Treasurer Colleen Mireau handed out her written report to read and be approved.

Sunshine person Dorothy Pears read her report on the cards she sent out and her report was approved as well.

Publicity person Phyllis Gray, Archives Hilda Drinkwater and Reta Robertson for Outreach all gave their reports verbally. Our church will be hosting Soups On Sept. 11 in the Anglican church hall. Not many Campbell labels were turned in but a lot of used stamps were. All those who give us these items are encouraged to continue their support which helps with Christian work elsewhere.

We then paused for refreshments and social time.

New Business brought us back to the meeting and two ladies will meet with the Anglican ladies to plan for our Inter-church Bazaar on Dec. 5 in the Anglican church hall. Watch for posters and a notice of Coming Events in The Journal. We will provide three Thanksgiving or Thinking of You cards each to give to residents of Gordon Oasis for their use.

The next meeting will be Oct. 6 at 2 pm. If anyone is interested in our work and would like to come as a visitor or join they would be most welcome.

Phyllis Gray