Why do you only come at night to deliver presents?

Letters to Santa Claus from Monique Carmichael's grade 2-4 class in Clinton.

Dear Santa

My name is Tate. How do you make magic for the reindeer to fly?

How did you like our play?

I would like a remote controlled plane that can go on water or ground, no batteries included.

Love, Tate


Dear Santa

My name is Trinitie. How many elfs do you have? Are there any polar bears at the North Pole? How old are you? Do you have an elf named Trinitie? Can you bring me a tablet or notebook? I would like some Jewellry or some more markers or a new water bottle.

Your friend Trinitie.

Merry Christmas


Dear Santa

My name is Cotton. So you have a Snowman? I would like nerf guns, please.

Sincerly, your friend Cotton


Dear Santa

How are you doing? today at the North Pole. My name is Paige. I have 3 dogs 1 cat. and I live in Clinton, BC. I have a few questions Santa. How old are you? Why do you only come at Nght to deliver presents? and do your elfs have names? Please I have bin waiting fo a year fo a brid. that has a rainbow on him. and name him buddy.

Love, Paige


Dear Santa

My name is Ethan. How big are your elfs? I live across from the park. My colours for my house are white and blue with wooden stairs. For Christmas I want a t.v that can go on the wall. how many elfs do you have to make toys for children all around the world. How do you get in chimneys to deliver presents. How fast does your sleigh go to get to different places. I want a Samsung note 5 with a pen with tickits to see Star Wars the force awakens in 3D. And Lego dimensions for wiiu and nerf rivals. Also the Thunder II Pedal Power go-kart with metal around it. And mote lego Ninjago sets. With more nerf guns to play wit and power ranger dino change things.

Sincerely, Ethan


Dear Santa

My name is Emma. I am 9  years old and I live in Clinton. B.C. Canada. I was wondering how many reindeer do you have? What do they eat? How long does it take to deliver all those presents? When do you sleep? How do your Reindeer fly? How do you get all the presents ready in time? This year I’m not asking or any thing. Have a good day.

Sincerely, Emma


Dear Santa

I live in Clinton, BC. My name is Isla. What Does Rudolph eat? What Do the rest of the reindeer eat? Do the elves make The toys? Can I have a zoomer kitty if thats ok?

Your friend Isla


Dear Santa Claus

I am 9 years old. My name is Robert. I live in Clinton BC. How many elves do you have? How many are boys? All I want for Christmas is a football please.

from Robert


Dear Santa

My name is Rachel. I live in a small town called Clinton BC. As you may know I have a little sister and mom and dad.

I would like to know do you really have little people (elfs) working for you? What about the reindeer do you really fly around the world in a sled? and Rudolph dose his nose really glow? How did you become Santa in the first place? Do you have a dad and brother? Does your belly really look like a boll full of jelly? How long have you and Mrs. Claus been married? What is your favorit cookie? Lots of kids in my class think your favorit couler is red is it?

OK I want Lego, skidy felt pen, a new Ipad case, art sleplice, minions noovie and this may be alot to ask but I want a new computer for my mom.

Well it’s nice to finlly end a letter to you.

Sincerly, Rachel


Dear Santa

can you get me a barbie? Santa what are your elve’s names? how many elve’s do you have? My name is Natalie.

Love your friend


Dear Santa

My name is Bailey, I am 7 years old. I live in Clinton, BC. How did you get the little elfs? Did Rudolph actually save the night? How do you deliver all the presents in one night? Santa I wont a guitar. Thank you!

Sincerely Bailey


Dear Santa

How are you? My name is Emma. I am 9, almost 10. Does Rudolph have a red nose? Do you come to Clinton?

I live in Clinton BC. I have 4 sisters and 1 brother.

Can I please have a phone for Christmas and my sister would like a doll.

I believe in you. Love your work.

Yours truly Emma