Working at HUB agreat experience for summer student

As summer draws to a close at the HUB, Maryn William reflects on her time working there, and what stands out most.

HUB summer student Maryn William.

HUB summer student Maryn William.

Maryn William

I am one of the summer students who has been working at the Ashcroft HUB. This experience has been really great for me. I have learned so many new things, and I continue to learn.

The biggest thing I learned was making a program for teenagers. I was told when I started working that I was to create a program that would get teenagers in the area active and moving throughout the summer. I was really nervous about doing this. I planned a little bit of it here and there, had some ideas of what I was going to do, but they were never solid.

When Dreydon [Thomas], the other summer student here at the HUB, started working, he helped me make my ideas official. I thought “He’s a guy and he knows what guys like to do.” That really helped.

The first night of our Teen Sport Drop-In Program was a success. Way more kids came to it than we expected, and they all seemed to enjoy it a lot, which was really nice to see.

I think the HUB is a great addition to the community; it keeps everyone active and healthy. It gives people good workouts, whether it’s in the gym or doing group fitness classes. It gives people space to rent for celebrations, or meetings, or for their own small business.

It gives youth, and even adults, something outside of school, like camps and programs for kids, or fun nights for parents.

During the summer, the HUB held summer camps for kids, including a soccer camp, a science camp, a fine and dramatic arts camp (which was huge! the kids had so much fun!), and a RAWK camp where kids learned how to be rock stars (believe me when I say they are amazing!).

When school starts back up, the HUB is holding an after school program for kids where they will learn how to sew as well as other things. Vicky, Dreydon, and I hope to keep the Teen Sport Drop-In Program going when school starts up.