World Day of Prayer looks at Chilean life

March 4 at 7 pm in Zion United Church, Ashcroft

This year’s World Day of Prayer service was prepared by the women of Chile and we are extremely fortunate to have people in our midst who have lived in Chile for the past six to 18 months.John and Laura Martin from Cache Creek along with their two daughters, Nadine and Kelly, and grandchildren (Sage and Colton) are living in Chile while John is engaged in a mining project. Laura worked in the Royal Bank in Cache Creek for many years so is well known in this area. Laura and Kelly will be the guest speakers at the World Day of Prayer service on Friday, March 4 at 7 pm in Zion United Church (401 Bancroft St., Ashcroft).  They will give a first-hand look at the living conditions, the staple foods (bread being the chief one) and what life in general is like in the parts of Chile where they have been.Everyone is welcome to attend. Refreshments and finger foods native to Chile will be served after the service, and pictures and artifacts of Chile will be on display.

Reta Robertson