Alice Watson

Alice Watson

Zion receives new student minister

Alice Watson is the new minister at Ashcroft's Zion United Church

Alice Watson is the new student minister at Zion United Church. She is beginning her third year of theological studies to become a diaconal minister in the United Church. A diaconal minister does pretty much the same things as an ordained minister but there is a stronger focus during training on social justice.

In her pre-ministry life, Alice was a parent of four children, a teacher (grades 1-12 and special education), a volunteer for all kinds of extra-curricular activities for children and youth, and a certified counsellor. This present vocation gives her the opportunity to work with adults and children and to celebrate the presence of God in our lives.

Beginning in November, Alice will offer an Understanding Anxiety and Depression course that lasts 15 weeks over the course of four months. This is an opportunity to understand how anxiety affects one?s own life and/or the life of others and what to do about it. Please phone the Zion church office (250-453-9511) for more information and to register. We will offer a morning or afternoon course as well as an evening course. Times and dates will be determined by those who register.

Alice has enjoyed meeting people and participating in some of the activities available such as the fall fair and yoga. Her experience so far is that Ashcroft is a beautiful community with warm and welcoming people.