Writer concerned about Proportional Representation set-up

Huge ridings will give large urban communities advantage over smaller rural ridings

  • Oct 13, 2018

LETTER: Terry Fox Run organizers stepping down

Tedfords give thanks to all participants, volunteers for support over eight years

  • Sep 30, 2018

LETTER: Conservative MP calling out Liberals on gun legislation

Bill C-71 does nothing to address the problem of gun crime

  • Sep 29, 2018
How bystanders can help combat sexual harassment in the workplace
Trudeau on Trans Mountain and climate action
Documents shed light on seniors poverty figures used by federal Liberals
Money Monitor: Summer travel deals require flexibility

Letters to the Editor

Readers write about recycling, and the need for more education about encephalitis.

  • Sep 11, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Readers write about changes to recycling and the Lytton River Festival.

  • Sep 3, 2018

Letter to the editor: Wildfire management in B.C. could be done better writes a former Ranger-in-charge

It is patently obvious that B.C. is in a crisis situation relative to wildfire control

  • Aug 25, 2018

LETTERS: Doctors speak out on surgical wait times for B.C. patients

‘Governments know they will lose private clinic lawsuit’

  • Aug 15, 2018

LETTER: Sir John A. Macdonald’s role in residential schools

Canada’s first prime minister was progressive for his time

  • Aug 9, 2018

Letters to the Editor

A reader feels sorry for those who deface First Nations signs.

  • Jul 31, 2018

Letters to the Editor

A reader writes to say that local residents must have a say in the matter of retail cannabis sales.

  • Jul 24, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Greyhound’s mismanagement leaves thousands of people in the lurch.

  • Jul 17, 2018

LETTER: Andrew Scheer may be most underrated political leader in Western world

Former MP John Weston writes about an evening he hosted with the federal Conservative leader

  • Jul 16, 2018

Letters to the Editor

A possible solution for the nursing shortage in rural B.C.

  • Jul 10, 2018

Letters to the Editor

The Harmony Bell project: praise for the project, criticism of an affront.

  • Jul 3, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Readers write about harmony, seniors’ housing, a small business survey, and more.

  • Jun 26, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Readers write about the pipeline, and a big reunion in Penticton.

  • Jun 4, 2018

Letters to the Editor

Shade comes to the Clinton Dog Park, and is spilled diluted bitumen out of sight, out of mind?

  • May 29, 2018

Letters to the Editor: Our feathered friends

World Migratory Bird Day reminds us to help protect birds all year long

  • May 22, 2018

Letters to the Editor: School District asks for respect

Student’s work, District staff being attacked online following poster campaign.

  • May 15, 2018

LETTER: Old-style politics is easier to cover

B.C.’s current party system offers more conflict, fewer solutions