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Barbara Roden acclaimed as Thompson-Nicola Regional District board chair

District of Logan Lake director Robin Smith was acclaimed as board vice-chair
TNRD Board chair Barbara Roden (left), and vice-chair Robin Smith during the 2022 inaugural Board of Directors meeting. (TNRD File photo)

Barbara Roden, mayor of Ashcroft and Thomspon-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) director, will serve a second term as TNRD board chair.

During the inaugural board meeting of the Thompson-Nicola Regional District (TNRD) held on Nov. 9, Roden was acclaimed as board chair, while district of Logan Lake director Robin Smith was acclaimed as board vice-chair.

During a call for nominations, only one nomination was made for the positions of chair and vice-chair, resulting in the acclamation of these positions.

“It’s a great honour to have my fellow directors put their trust in me for another year, and I’m very happy to be working again with director Smith as vice-chair,” Roden said.

“The last year has been a learning curve for the two-thirds of the board who were newly-elected in 2022, and for me as chair. It’s been very exciting to see all the energy and ideas from this new board, and to develop a new strategic plan. I’m looking forward to seeing some ongoing projects completed, and starting to work on new projects that have been identified as key, including emergency planning and preparedness, accessibility, a new library for southwest Kamloops, and building relationships and partnerships with First Nations.”

Roden continued: “In my first year as chair, I committed to rebuilding trust with residents of the TNRD. Along with vice-chair Smith and the rest of the board, I will continue that rebuilding work, to ensure that the TNRD lives up to its name as the Region of B.C.’s Best.”

In 2022, Roden was elected as chair and Smith was acclaimed as vice-chair, which became the first time in the history of the TNRD that a female chair and female vice-chair served during the same term.

Roden has served on the TNRD board since 2018, and became the first-ever female vice-chair of the TNRD Board in 2021 after being acclaimed to the position. Smith has been a TNRD board member since 2013.

About the TNRD board of directors:

The board of directors is the governing body of the TNRD, and includes 27 elected officials:

One director from each of the 10 TNRD electoral areas;

One director from each of the 10 smaller TNRD member municipalities; and

Seven directors from the City of Kamloops.

Provincial legislation requires regional district boards to hold annual elections to elect one director to serve as board chair and one director to serve as board vice-chair. These elections take place at the inaugural meeting, which is the first board meeting after Nov. 1 each year.

For more information about the TNRD Board, visit: