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Snow makes for tricky driving on Highway 97 north of Quesnel

Some on scene concerned that more motorists should have helped
This tractor-trailer unit lost control and hit a highway retaining wall in the Hixon area, the morning of Nov. 13, after thick, wet snow accumulated. (Skilled Truckers Canada photo on Facebook)

No injuries were known of, but a rig suffered serious damage after hitting a retaining wall in the Hixon area sometime on Nov. 13. The overnight snow was wet and thick, and the road surfaces still not fully frozen at the time.

“To the young fella and his mother for assisting the driver after witnessing this incident, a huge THANK YOU on behalf of the STC team,” said a note on the Skilled Truckers Canada page on Facebook where incident photos were also posted.

Comments from those reportedly at the scene said the driver was unharmed, and a number of people came to the occupant’s aid. However, concern was expressed over the number of motorists who failed to pull over and help.

Weather in the region had been dry and warm up until Monday, Nov. 13.