Annette Pittman: candidate for Cache Creek council

Annette Pittman: candidate for Cache Creek council

Annette Pittman – Cache Creek councillor candidate

1. How long have you lived in your community?

I was born and raised in Cache Creek.

2. What is your occupation?

I have a Masters Degree in Business Administration with concentration in accounting. I work for Chanor Truck Repairs Ltd.

3. Have you done any volunteer work here? Which group(s)?

I have volunteered for the Chamber of Commerce and the Lions Club.

4. Have you served before in municipal government or on a Board of School Trustees? If yes, where, when, and for how long?

I served on Cache Creek Council in the past for one term, three terms ago. I had perfect attendance to the council meetings and participated as best as I could within the team chosen to represent the community at that time.

5. Which issues are most important to you?

Issues that are most important to me are: economic development; community services and reducing the staff turnover issues within the community office.

6. How would you address them?

Attracting industries that have the potential to create more jobs within our community, look at our tax rates in comparison to other communities so we can attract industries to move to our community; collaboration with other communities to participate in the community bus services and the possibility of the return of our recycling services; and attracting and retaining qualified staff, such as a Chief Administration officer, and be an advocate for allowing them to do the jobs that they were hired to do.

7. Additional comments.

I am a hard-working, dedicated individual who lives in this community now and into the foreseeable future. I would like to work for you and be your voice on council. On Oct. 20, I ask you to vote for me and I promise I will work hard on your behalf.