Ashcroft councillor candidate profile: Marilyn Anderson

Ashcroft councillor candidate profile: Marilyn Anderson

“I am passionate about job creation and business.”

Marilyn Anderson – Ashcroft councillor candidate

Question: How long have you lived in your community?

A: I currently reside in Cache Creek, however, my husband and I have been actively pursuing a suitable property in Ashcroft and when we find the “right one,” we will again be residents.

Question: What is your occupation?

A: Since 2012, I have been employed full time as the Facility Manager for WorkBC Employment Services Center in Ashcroft on 4th Street.

Question: Have you done any volunteer work here? Which group(s)?

A: Although I have volunteered in other communities in the past. I am currently involved with one local working group in Ashcroft.

Question: Have you served before in municipal government or on a Board of School Trustees? If yes, where, when, and for how long?

A: Not in municipal government or board of school trustee. I have worked for 12 years for the Province of BC helping impoverished people.

Question: Which issues are most important to you?

A: I am passionate about job creation and business. I believe very strongly these two components are the foundation of a thriving community. Housing and childcare are also paramount concerns to me.

Question: How would you address them?

A: When there are employment opportunities, communities flourish. Businesses flourish. Services and resources are in abundance. Population increases, new housing starts occur and young families stay.

Without employment, the community will pass away painfully and quietly. I will pursue new industries passionately for the Village of Ashcroft with the goal of more job opportunities, healthy business, increased services.

If we are united in this thought, we are stronger together.

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