Susan Peters: candidate for Cache Creek council

Susan Peters: candidate for Cache Creek council

Susan (Sue) Peters – Cache Creek councillor candidate

1. How long have you lived in your community?

I have lived in Cache Creek since 1997.

2. What is your occupation?

I am the owner/operator of the Husky in Cache Creek.

3. Have you done any volunteer work here? Which group(s)?

The Ashcroft and District Lions Club, Cache Creek Graffiti Days committee, AshCreek TV Society, and the Cache Creek Chamber of Commerce. I provided support to the Cache Creek Fire Department during the 2017 and 2018 floods of 2017 and the 2018 Wildfire. I was named Cache Creek Citizen of the year by the Ashcroft and District Rotary Club.

4. Have you served before in municipal government or on a Board of School Trustees? If yes, where, when, and for how long?


5. Which issues are most important to you?

Economic Development, maintaining our strong financial footing, healthcare, Seniors housing and services, and providing a safe and friendly environment for all in Cache Creek.

6. How would you address them?

I believe we have to work together with other communities in our area, as well as groups like Community Futures and Gold Country to promote all the benefits our area has to offer, to both individuals and businesses. We need to access funding from various levels of government, and make the best use of it. We need to be fiscally responsible to try to keep our tax base as low as it can be, while still providing necessary services. We need to nurture our existing relationship with Belcorp, support the Inland Port and Highland Valley Copper as well as search out new employment opportunities for our residents.

7. Additional comments.

Cache Creek has had its challenges over the past few years, but there is nowhere I would rather live. I would love to have the opportunity to serve its residents.

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