Team BC from Ashcroft: Gary Farr

Team BC from Ashcroft: Gary Farr

2011 IN REVIEW: December – new directions for Council, promises of aid

A summary of December 2011 events and newspapers in The Journal's readership area.

  • Jan. 2, 2012 10:00 a.m.


Freemasons hold memorial for Berkey

Over 400 people from Cache Creek and various parts of British Columbia gathered on Dec. 1 to join the Berkey family in expressing a tribute to Scott Berkey’s life.

Berkey, owner of Chum’s Family Restaurant in Cache Creek, passed away suddenly on Nov. 24 at the age of 59 years. He had been a Freemason in the Ashcroft Lodge of Freemasons since 1978.


No trophy, but Team BC still the best

Team BC from Ashcroft finished with a score of 3 and 3 at The Dominion Curling Club Championship in Richmond, but the games they lost were hard fought and came down to the last rock or an extra end. And, they were the only team to beat the new Canadian Men’s team, Team Alberta.

Representing all of BC, Paul Quesnel, Dwight Hodder, Gary Farr and Chris Brezina did a fine job and played their hearts out. It was another proud moment each time they stepped onto the ice wearing the BC colours.


Ranta elected Chair of Gold Trail school board

The Inaugural meeting of the Board of Education for School District 74 (Gold Trail) was held on Monday, Dec. 5 at the District Administration office in Ashcroft. Trustees took the oath of office officially beginning their term as trustees of the Board of Education.

Trustee Carmen Ranta was elected as Chair of the Board of Education and Trustee Nancy Rempel elected as Vice Chair. Ranta served as chair of the board in 2004/05.


Society assumes Lodge operation

The Board of the Thompson View Manor Society assumed full operational control of our Thompson View Lodge facility in Ashcroft last week.

The Society owns the 10-suite assisted living facility, but until recently, it has been operated by inSite Housing, Hospitality & Health Services Inc. under a mentoring contract with the Interior Health Authority. While managing the facility, inSite was also tasked with mentoring the Society to the point where it could take over operational control.


Cache Creek takes on economic development

Cache Creek Council added Economic Development to its list of council committees at the Dec. 12 meeting.

The new committee will be chaired by Mayor John Ranta, with newly elected Coun. Lisa Dafoe as vice chair.

“It’s sort of new, but it’s been on (council’s) agenda for the last couple of months,” said Ranta, as they met with the Chamber.


Town won’t vot on Smart Meters

A request to place a moratorium on Smart Meters in Cache Creek failed to get the support of Council.

Coun. Herb Hofer supported the motion, but it needed a seconder before it could be debated and voted on.

Cache Creek couple Les and Debi Alexander brought the request to Council.

“I don’t have a problem with one Smart Meter in my house,” said Hofer, “but some residences have several of them nearby. BC Hydro says it won’t harm you, but it can’t be good for you.”

Alexander said he was disappointed in Council’s decision, but that he wasn’t giving up on trying to stop the Smart Meter program.