Achievement Map guides Gold Trail

Map includes School District's plans for three years into the future.

  • Feb. 14, 2012 8:00 p.m.

Gold Trail Superintendent Teresa Downs presented a draft of the 2012-2015 three-year Achievement Map at the Feb. 7 Education Committee.

The “map” is similar to Local Government’s five-year financial plans in that both documents list what the groups would like to accomplish in the following years.

The Map forms the foundation of the District’s annual budget. Downs said that after talking to other school district representatives, “We’re the only district I think that does this – starts with the learning goal and then builds the budget. Everyone else plans the budget and then prepares their map to fit in. It’s something to celebrate,” she told the committee.

A key part of preparing the Map comes from the work of the District Student Achievement Team which is made up of teachers and District staff. However, the Team has been inactive this year due to the teachers’ strike, and goals from this year have been forwarded to next year.

Aboriginal PALS program will be placed in all Gold Trail schools and the Strong Start Toy Lending Library will be expanded for the Early Learning segment.

Roots of Empathy will be introduced this year for all grades in the District in the hopes that it will reduce intolerance and bullying.

Connected Classrooms will be expanded to Cache Creek, David Stoddard in Clinton and a second class at George M. Murray in Lillooet.

Downs said they hope to expand into Gold Bridge and Skil Mountain classrooms next year, as well as outside of the District.

She said the Connected Classroom program, which currently “connects” Ashcroft, Lytton and Lillooet classrooms by audio-visual equipment, has “proven to be an extremely positive initiative.”

She said it has provided a learning environment for the students that goes beyond the walls of their small rural classrooms, and it has garnered the attention of provincial educators who are looking into it.