Area I joins bus service

TNRD's Area I joins Ashcroft and Clinton on the BC Transit community bus.

Ashcroft Council gave its staff authorization to sign the Annual Operating Agreement with BC Transit and Yellowhead Community Services at the Apr. 14 Council meeting.

Administrator Michelle Allen announced that Area I would be joining partners Ashcroft and Clinton, and they had put together a proposal for a six month trial that would adjust the schedule to take in several Area I communities.

Allen said the partners met earlier on Monday to review the operations of the bus since November when YCS (Clearwater) took over operations from Mile 0 Taxi & Charters (Lillooet).

“It’s more efficient, we feel. It’s starting to grow,” she said.

In the six month trial, the bus will stop at Ashcroft Manor, Ashcroft Reserve, Boston Flats, Bonaparte Reserve and 16 Mile on the way to Clinton. On Mondays, travellers living in Walhachin and Thompson River Estates could pre-arrange pickup on the way to Kamloops.

The bus is still running only on Monday, Wednesday ad Friday. They were making three runs per day between Ashcroft and Clinton. That is now reduced to two, but the bus is spending more time in Clinton to give residents more opportunity to use the bus around town.

“Just thinking of where we started with this and where we are now,” said Coun. Helen Kormendy. “It required people to come together to make it work. The inclusion of Area I has energized us.”

Mayor Andy Anderson said he hoped to see the bus service continue to grow and become economically viable.

Allen said they will also be promoting after hours use of the bus for local groups who want to take it on short trips.