Ashcroft Candidates – Alfie Trill for Councillor

Alf Trill is one of six candidates running for Council in Ashcroft.

  • Oct. 30, 2014 8:00 a.m.

1. How long have you lived here? 28 years

2. What is your occupation? Carpenter for School District 74.

3. Have you done any volunteer work here? Which group(s)? Deacon and Youth Leader at Sage Hills E. F. Church‎, Mesa Vista Drive; and President of CUPE Local 173, 2009 to Present (SD74, District of Lillooet, T’it’q’et Day Care workers).

4. Have you served before on a Town Council or School Board? 2005-08 Councillor, Village of Ashcroft.

5. Which issues are most important to you? Water, Sewer, and Garbage service‎; Sidewalk, pathways, parks and roads planning;

Promoting Ashcroft Health Site‎; Maintaining a relationship with business and Industry to promote jobs for Ashcroft; and Quality of life.

6. How would you address them? Team Work with Ashcroft Council‎ and Administration to develop policy and direction.

Seek input ‎from community groups to foster relationships with those that already lead by example.

Encourage Ashcroft Chamber of Commerce to maintain structure and vibrancy.‎

Promote the good work of the many service groups in town: help keep Council open to their leading and activities.

7. Additional comments: Ashcroft is a beautiful town to ‘live; work; and play’.‎ I see this description used elsewhere, but my choice to live in the Village of Ashcroft is because I believe it fits our town.

My coined description for my hometown to people is: “We get to live every day the way City Folks want to spend their weekends.”

I’ll listen to all of Ashcroft’s citizens to make our town the best place to live. It is by choice we live here and I want it to continue for ‎years by keeping services available for our needs. Planning ahead for the next challenge or upgrade needed. Helping set a direction we can afford and meet our requirements.

Please come out to vote for our Village of Ashcroft Council’s future.

If elected I will stand up for our Town, our People, our Businesses, our quality of Life.

Alfie Trill for Village of Ashcroft Councillor.

Alfie Trill