Ashcroft corrects addresses

Ashcroft tries to correct 50-plus years of address issues.

Ashcroft Council is working towards standardizing all of its street addresses so that emergency responders from outside the community can find houses faster.

“We working with TNRD to establish proper boundaries and a proper grid,” administrator Michelle Allen told Council at the Apr. 8 Council meeting.

In over 50 years of assigning house numbers around the community, a number of anomolies have appeared.

“We have a few places we’re working on,” she said, pointing out  two or three areas that have duplicate house numbers and one street where the houses on one side are numbered in sequence.

“We’re aiming for July 1 to have them all identified,” she said. Then staff will write to them and work with them to correct the mistaken house numbers.

Council approved a motion to standardize street numbers so that all streets with a numerical name will have the name as a number.