Ashcroft Council candidate Gail Groome

Gail Groom is looking for her first term on Ashcroft Council

  • Nov. 6, 2011 6:00 p.m.

1. Six years (off and on).

2. I am currently retired but have extensive experience working in senior-level administration for various corporations and have also been self-employed. I was contracted to work on a pay-equity study for a large brokerage firm and was involved in the development of an integrated office medical package and the subsequent marketing of the software.

I have done considerable coordination, i.e. conferences and seminars; performed pharmaceutical interviews and interviewed top executives internationally, on their recent financial transactions.

3. Due to being absent from Ashcroft for several months at a time over the past six years, I have not had the opportunity to do much volunteer work. However, I have assisted with planting the barrels in the downtown area and have volunteered to sit in the Tourist Booth across from Safety Mart. Additionally, I sat on the board of directors for the Thompson View Manor Society for five months.

4. No

5. Economic development is at the top of my ‘wish list’. The population of Ashcroft is currently 1664 and it was around 1800 when we moved here in 2005. I feel there should be a greater ‘sense of urgency’; to be looking at ways to attract businesses to Ashcroft; not just storefront businesses but others, e.g. smaller development companies, factories. Our population is currently skewed towards retirees and we want to bring in younger families, more business-oriented people and this will translate, I believe, into a more energetic, vibrant community.

The second item on my ‘wish list’ is to beautify Ashcroft. We need sidewalks, many more trees and the buildings on Railway, to be more solid and attractive.

The third item is marketing. Along with marketing for tourism, I think a stronger emphasis needs to be put on attracting business people.

6. If elected to work for the people of Ashcroft, I will be researching and working with others to implement ideas for attracting serious investment in Ashcroft.

7. Ashcroft is lovely with its big sky, clean air and wonderful scenery, not to mention its affordable housing. There is much scope to expand and still maintain a small-town environment. We are close enough to Kamloops in order to visit ‘big-box’ stores but we should have many more amenities here.

My feeling is that if we increase our population considerably, issues concerning the schools and hospital will be resolved.

I believe we are becoming stagnant and would like to see us continue to move forward.