Ashcroft Council candidate Helen Kormendy

Incumbent councillor Helen Kormendy is seeking her third term on Ashcroft Council

  • Nov. 6, 2011 7:00 a.m.

1. Fifteen years

2. Team Leader, Child and Youth Mental Health, Gold Trail Region.

3. I have sat on a number of committees throughout my time on Council and previously volunteered on organizations at both regional and provincial levels.

4. Council for past six years

5. A) Maintaining our core services that includes all Village infrastructure specifically water, sewer, garbage and roads. I will continue my commitment to be prepared at all times through our budget and planning processes that all services are maintained.

B) Transparency and Communication. It is very important that citizens are aware of what is happening at Council at all times and the Village newsletter and website are two excellent sources of information. I also believe that the Committee of the Whole meetings prior to regular Council Meetings once a month provide citizens opportunities to ask questions on issues going before Council.

C) Community Involvement. Participation and engagement are essential elements to a healthy community that enrich all of our lives. Ashcroft has a strong tradition and culture of commitment in this area and I will continue to support community activities and events. I certainly welcome hearing from community members with ideas in this area.

D) Fair taxation. I am committed to provide early information and notification via newsletter/website about taxation and opportunities for citizen feedback.

E) Economic Development. Provide information about possible partnerships to pursue cost sharing options. Develop a comprehensive package for perspective businesses about our Village and region.

F)  Health Care. Continue to advocate for 24/7 Emergency Service and medical services.

G)   Schools. Continue meeting with School Board to maintain a relationship and be aware of future plans that may impact community.

H) RCMP. Continue to advocate for replacement of members immediately.

I) Roads. Continue to advocate for roadwork maintenance with the Ministry of Transportation to ensure safe driving.

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I welcome all any questions or queries at 250-453-2309.