Ashcroft Council candidate Jackie Tegart

Jackie Tegart is looking at a return to Ashcroft Council

  • Nov. 6, 2011 8:00 a.m.

1. Forty-nine years in Ashcroft

2. Retired businesswoman and Community Economic Development worker.

3. Volunteered over the years with Communities in Bloom, Heritage Week, Chamber of Commerce, Fall Fair (judge), Rodeo, Rotary, daycare, Girl Guides, etc.

4. Served on school board for 17 years, served two terms on Ashcroft Council.

5. Fiscal responsibility, infrastructure planning, recreation, and economic development.

6. Fiscal responsibility: Open financial planning processes; operations reviews to ensure we are not doing things just because they have always been done that way; respect for public dollars in all decisions.

Infrastructure: Long-term planning for maintenance and funding to ensure quality infrastructure.

Recreation: Would like to explore partnerships with the Ashcroft Band, Cache Creek, Bonaparte Band, and the regional district to develop a regional inventory of facilities; explore the possibility of regional scheduling, usage and possible funding opportunities.

7. I am committed to work hard to ensure a healthy community in Ashcroft. I am excited about our branding and commit to keep “Wellness” in the forefront of Council’s business.