Ashcroft highway gets resurfaced

Hwy 97C from Hwy 1 to the bridge, most of Cornwall Rd. and parts of Hwy 97C west of the river to be resurfaced.

The highway through the bluffs will finally be getting the repaving that local officials have been asking for, for years.

Repaving crews began preparation work on Hwy 97C from Hwy 1 to Ashcroft last week. Ministry of Transportation Project Manager,  Dave Shibata said the resurfacing work will take no more than three weeks once they get going. They can’t work in the rain.

Besides putting down asphalt overlay from Hwy 1 to the bridge, Shibata said they will also be resurfacing three-quarters of Cornwall Rd. and sections of Hwy 97C up to Highland Valley Copper mine.

Shibata said that no shoulder widening will take place, but they did put lockblocks down on a section of Cornwall just to keep the width consistent.

He also said the contractor will be made aware of the osprey nest near the bridge so that they don’t spend longer working there than they need to.