Ashcroft Honey Bees get their day

Day of the Honey Bee, May 29

Ashcroft Council has declared May 29 to be the Day of the Honey Bee in Ashcroft once again.

The request for recognition comes from Saskatchewan resident Clinton Shane Ekdahl, who wants everyone to recognize the importance of the honey bee in our food production, as well as the bee’s decline in recent years.

Mayor Andy Anderson said he talked to Desert Hills owner Randy Porter, who told him that local beekeeper Joe Lomond drops off about 40 hives every year to pollinate his vegetables. Porter said that Lomond gets so much honey from the melon patch that be can barely lift the hives, making the beekeeper very happy.

Council discussed some different ways they might mark the Day of the Honeybee in this area, and plan to ask Lomond for his input as well.