Ashcroft looking for money to study CN crossing

Ashcroft is hoping that the Feds might be able to come up with some money for a study to make improvements to the CN crossing in town.

Expressing doubts that they will be able to pay for improvements to the CN crossing in Ashcroft, Council decided to look for funding to do the initial inspection and report.

“To move forward with any improvements to the crossing will likely be in the $300,000 range,” said Administrator Michelle Allen.

She said they can apply to Transport Canada for a grant that would cover 40-50 per cent of the cost, but she has been told informally that any project leading to signal cessation will be refused because of safety issues.

Only a report could say how extensive the work needs to be, and that will cost around $10,000.

“It may be worth the funds to find out,” said Coun. Alice Durksen. “It is nice to be able to sleep all night, so I’m not against finding out.”

“Is there another way to do this?” asked Coun. Helen Kormendy. “The costs are very high for a tax base that comes from our residents. This is a huge amount of money for us.”

She suggested getting MP Mark Strahl involved.

Mayor Andy Anderson pointed out that modifying the crossing might not even be possible, “But we need to have the study done just to give people an answer,”

Council asked staff to contact the MP’s office and Transport Canada to see if there were any funds available to do the study.