The Ashcroft Moving Forward group is working on different plans to help the Village going forward. Photo: Wendy Coomber.

The Ashcroft Moving Forward group is working on different plans to help the Village going forward. Photo: Wendy Coomber.

Ashcroft Moving Forward group looks to the future

The group is looking to ensure the Village is better prepared in case of emergency.

The Ashcroft Moving Forward group, formed in the aftermath of last summer’s wildfires, has been busy over the last few months. The group is committed to creating a better communication plan in the event that there is an urgent need to quickly share current and accurate information with community members. The group is also looking at others areas where improvements can be made within the community.

The group’s committee members—Sandy Agatiello, Sheila Corneillie, Cindy Skakun, Debra Tuohey, and Nancy White—along with more than 50 volunteers have been working on a fan-out list for both telephones and door-to-door. This communication tool will allow for the quick spread of information about emergencies, disasters, and important community meetings.

Three distinct sections of town have been identified, and a leader has been appointed in each: Mesa Vista (Sandy Williams); Downtown (Sandy Agatiello); and North Ashcroft (Nancy White). Along with volunteers, these leaders have been going door-to-door to obtain up-to-date contact information from households, including street address, who lives at the residence, telephone numbers (landline and cell), and email addresses (to be used prudently).

Alternates have also been appointed in each of the three areas, and Ashcroft Moving Forward wants to thank all those who have stepped forward to help out. The lists are being worked through and databases are being assembled.

The group has a Facebook page (Ashcroft Moving Forward Group), and all are invited to like the page, share it with friends and neighbours, follow it, and check it for news and updates.

The group is also looking at Emergency Social Services (ESS) training, as ESS can be an important resource during a variety of emergencies or disasters. Several members of the committee have been, or will be, taking courses to prepare in the event that an ESS is needed. They also have a list of volunteers in the area they will be contacting, and will be working with a group of volunteers in Cache Creek to create a diversified group who can work together in a variety of situations to help those affected during emergencies or disasters. The committee has also requested consideration for funding, in order to support volunteers.

A series of community meetings were held to discuss Ashcroft’s Official Community Plan (OCP), and the committee hopes people found the time to attend the meetings, which were used to gather input from the community. The Village is required to complete this plan by consulting with as many different segments of the community population as possible, to ensure it reflects their needs and wants for the next five to 10 years.

A number of community members—including a member of the Ashcroft Moving Forward group—are part of the next phase, which involves a committee going over the proposed new OCP and making suggestions and revisions. Meetings have already started and are ongoing.

Another item on the group’s radar is the condition and future of the Campbell Hill airport, which was damaged during the fire. There is uncertainty about the viability of continuing to use the airport for such things as emergency air ambulance, RCMP, fire crews, etc., in addition to things such as film crews and other economic bonuses. The group will continue to investigate.

Anyone who would like to receive updates from the group can contact Sheila Corneillie at If you have already given contact information for the fan-out list but something has changed, please let Corneille know so the records can be updated. Anyone who wants more information about the group can also contact Agatiello at (604) 216-1194.

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