Ashcroft pedestrian victim of hit and run on Cornwall Rd.

Police Report - the weekly roundup of crime files from the Ashcroft RCMP Detachment.

Found wallet

May 10 at 1:01 pm a wallet found behind the A&W in Cache Creek was turned in. The wallet contained items that allowed the RCMP to contact the owner, a 36 year old man from Lone Butte. Arrangements were made to return the wallet to him.

Flying through town

May 12 at 1:42 am police stopped a southbound Dodge Caravan on Hwy 1 in Cache Creek travelling at 137 kph in the 50 kph zone. The driver, a 42 year old Cranbrook man, smelled of liquor and Failed the roadside sobriety test. He was given a 24 hour suspension and a 90 day prohibition for the alcohol, as well as a ticket for excessive speed and his vehicle was impounded for seven days.

Ruckus leads to arrest

May 12 at 4:59 am police were called to the Ashcroft Reserve about a 23 year old intoxicated man who was creating a disturbance in his parents’ home by throwing things around and being aggressive. Upon arrival, police found that he was also under conditions of probation to stay away from alcohol. He was arrested for breaching his probation and is facing criminal charges.

Victim of hit and run

May 13 at 1:56 pm police attended the hospital to speak to the victim of a hit and run on Cornwall Rd. The 20 year old resident of the Ashcroft Reserve told police that he was walking towards the Reserve facing traffic. He looked behind him for a second and was hit by a black car which was heading down the hill towards Ashcroft. He thought it was a 1990s model. A passerby found him and brought him to the Ashcroft hospital, but it was closed. He was taken to the Kamloops hospital and treated for hip and ankle injuries. Anyone seeing the accident or having information about it are asked to contact the RCMP at 453-2216.

Ended up in the ditch

May 13 at 2:30 pm police attended a single vehicle accident on Hwy 99 about 20 km west of the intersection with Hwy 97 where an eastbound Volvo had landed in the oncoming ditch. The driver, a 32 year old Coquitlam man, told police he moved over to the right to avoid an oncoming vehicle and started sliding off the road. He tried to pull the car back onto the highway and ended up crossing the road and landing in the ditch. He was taken to Lillooet hospital with minor injuries. His vehicle was towed.

Camper vandalized

May 14 at 10:45 am a 69 year old Ashcroft man attended the Detachment to report willful damage to his camper and boat parked on the lower bench of the Mesa Vista Trailer Court. He said that some time between May 5-13, someone had thrown rocks through his windshield, loosened the ropes securing his boat to its trailer, and drained the jacks of their hydraulic fluid. If anyone has information about this, they are asked to contact police at 453-2216 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Unlicensed skateboard

May 15 at 11:38 am police received a complaint about a motorized skateboard being ridden on Railway Ave. The complainant was concerned about the legality of it on the road. The owner, a 34 year old Ashcroft man, attended the Detachment a short time later once he had heard that a complaint had been made about him. Police advised him that although the large, motorized skateboard does qualify as a vehicle under the Motor Vehicles Act, it doesn’t have insurance or the other necessary licensing, and therefore cannot be ridden on public streets. Nor can he operate it on a sidewalk. It can only be ridden offroad or on private property.

Free car wash

May 15 at 11:43 am police received a complaint from a motorist of a farm sprinkler dousing the pavement of Hwy 97C near the Hwy 1 intersection, causing vehicles to swerve into the oncoming lane to avoid driving through it. The farm manager was contacted and moved the irrigation line. He apologized for the inconvenience.

Watch for power poles

May 15 at 12:29 pm police received a report that a Toyota SUV had backed into a telephone poll on 4th St. in front of The Journal office while backing out onto the street. The driver, a 57 year old Ashcroft woman, got out of the vehicle and checked the pole and her vehicle. The pole was undamaged, but the back window of her vehicle was shattered. Village employees were called to come and sweep up the broken glass.

Don’t drink and drive

May 15 at 2:40 pm police received a complaint about a vehicle that had been left parked in front of the Legion for at least four days. Police checked the vehicle and found that it was insured and legally parked. While they were at the scene, the owner came to move it. The 41 year old man from the Hat Creek area said that he had met up with a friend in the Legion and had left his vehicle parked.

Blacked out

May 15 at 5:29 pm police attended a single vehicle accident on Hay 97C near Hwy 1 after a vehicle left the road, went through a fence and ended up in a field. The driver, a 59 year old Ashcroft woman, said she blacked out and didn’t know what happened. She was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries. Police will be requesting a medical review of her license.

Far from depressed

May 15 at 10:59 pm police received a report about a suicidal male from a friend who received a text from him with possible suicidal connotations. The 40 year old Cache Creek man was not at home, nor anywhere else in town. He was contacted by phone and advised that he was on a road trip with friends and having a great time.

Taken off the road

May 16 at 11:05 am a Traffic Services officer in Cache Creek was approached by a male who advised that a white Ford truck pulling a 5th wheel was all over the road. The vehicle was located at the Husky and pulled over. The driver appeared groggy but produced a valid Drivers License. The 57 year old Kitimat man said he had pulled over at Hells Gate to take a nap after taking prescription medication. The officer conducted a roadside sobriety test, which the man Failed. He was given a 24 hour suspension for being impaired by drugs.  A small amount of marijuana was found in plain view and seized. A 31 year old Kitimat woman asleep in the 5th wheel while it was being driven was given a ticket for not wearing a seat belt. The truck and trailer were deemed unroadworthy and were ordered off the road for inspection.

Cash found at A&W

May 16 at 2:49 pm staff turned over a wad of cash found by a customer on May 13 at the Chevron. The owner is asked to contact the RCMP at 453-2216 and be prepared to describe it to them.

No child seats

May 17 at 1:01 am poilice received a report about a possible impaired driver southbound on Hwy 97 from Loon Lake Rd. The complainant said the vehicle was driving slowly and was all over the road. The vehicle was located north of Cache Creek, but the officer did not detect any signs of strange drivng. The vehicle was pulled over and contained a family from Prince Rupert. The driver showed no signs of intoxication and replied that they were heading to the Lower Mainland. The officer noted that there were no proper child seats in the vehicle for the two young passengers, aged 4 and 9. The driver was told that he could not proceed without the car seats and was advised to get a hotel room in Cache Creek for the night, then look for alternative travel arrangements in the morning. He was issued two tickets for the car seat infraction.