Ashcroft phases out open burning

October will mark last of open burning before it's banned in Ashcroft.

Ashcroft Council has given notice that 2012 will be the last year for open burning in Ashcroft. The issue will be formally discussed at the June 11 Council meeting.

Council has heard from citizens in past years who have asked them to ban burning, but this year Council decided to act.

Forty-six per cent of BC municipalities have a complete burning ban said Administrator Michelle Allen when asked by councillors.

Coun. Jackie Tegart said several people approached her about the medical issues they experience when their neighbours burn their yard waste.

“We have Spring pickup, recycling and composting here now,” she said.

Mayor Andy Anderson noted that yard waste  now has a separate place at the landfill.

Open burning in October will be reduced to a two-week period from four, and it will be the last time Ashcroft residents will be permitted to burn.