Ashcroft plans new garbage collection

Ashcroft plans collection switch in the Fall.

With the purchase of its new garbage truck, Ashcroft is moving to a system of garbage collection where residents will use containers that are lifted and emptied by the truck.

On March 28, Council approved the purchase of a new 2012 truck and packer, and collection containers at a cost of $322,402 before taxes.

Administrator Michelle Allen said that for the past five years, Council has been discussing how to replace its 22 year old garbage truck.

“It’s a whole new way of garbage collection” she said, but it won’t happen until this Fall at the earliest.

The funding will come from the Gas Tax Reserve and the Capital Works Reserve, and will happen  regardless of how Council decides to increase taxes.

It’s going to be a change fore residents, she said. If it doesn’t fit inside the bin provided, it won’t be picked up. Nor will corrugated cardboard.

Allen said the new method will cut out injuries related to picking up trash bins.