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Ashcroft RCMP seeing an upswing in local property crime

Take extra precautions when securing your personal belongings and property

Cache Creek break and enter

On June 21, Ashcroft RCMP were notified of a break and enter to a local tire and mechanic shop in Cache Creek. Suspects gained access to two outbuildings, and in doing so took approximately 10–12 passenger vehicle tires and two ATV tires.

The suspects were observed to be two individuals, one wearing all black. One individual was seen wearing a distinctly-coloured backpack and a ball cap. Both had coverings over their faces. The suspect vehicle used was a Ford F-250 or F-350 pickup super crew (four-door), white in colour with an aluminum or steel boat rack. The vehicle year of make is suspected to be late ’90s to mid-2000s.

Double trouble for stolen truck

On June 22, Ashcroft RCMP received a Ford F-350 pickup which had been stolen out of Lac La Hache, and the vehicle was towed to a secure compound. Over the course of the night, suspects gained entry to the secure compound and stole this same vehicle a second time. During the commission of this offence the suspects caused serious damage to the secured facility, as well as damage to a nearby parked vehicle. The stolen truck was later recovered by 100 Mile RCMP in the 100 Mile area.

Happy ending for another stolen truck

On July 1, another Ford F-350 was stolen from a residence in Cache Creek. This vehicle was gone for nearly 24 hours before being recovered by Ashcroft RCMP on Highway 1 near Walhachin on July 2.

Property crime on the rise

Ashcroft RCMP have seen an upswing in property crime over the past month. Please take extra precautions when securing your residences and personal belongings. Make sure to retrieve serial numbers from any personal items which possess one, and photograph these items so you can provide information to police in the event you end up becoming a victim of a property crime.

If you have any information about the above crimes, or information on any other crime, please call Ashcroft RCMP at (250) 453-2216. If you wish to remain anonymous, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477, or visit the Crime Stoppers website at www.kamloopscrimestoppers.ca.

Cache Creek business helps with Lytton fire response

On June 30, Ashcroft RCMP became aware of a serious situation in the town of Lytton. Information received was that officers there were in need of assistance, as a large wildfire was threatening the town. RCMP units there required assistance from neighbouring RCMP detachments by way of personnel and assets.

Ashcroft RCMP requested and received immediate emergency assistance from Cache Creek Lordco, who opened their store after hours so police could get a number of items which were needed at the scene of the fire. Ashcroft RCMP would like to thank staff for their quick response and support.

RCMP would like to remind everyone to be extremely careful while in the back country, as we are in extremely dry conditions.

Highway Patrol’s “two cents”

It is not uncommon for motorists to bring their pets along with them while they travel. We commonly see motorists with these animals across their laps looking out the window as their owners/drivers operate their motor vehicles.

This in particular raises a multitude of concerns. For starters, this is an offence under section 195(1) of the BC Motor Vehicle Act, which states a person must not cause a vehicle to move on a highway if (a) the control of the driver over the driving mechanism of the vehicle or (b) the view of/to the front or sides of the vehicle is obstructed. This means that the driver’s ability to operate the driving mechanism is obstructed, and the offence carries a $109 fine and three driver penalty points.

Now, an animal on the lap of their owner/driver while operating a motor vehicle on a highway does fit the criteria of the driver’s ability being obstructed. The reasoning for this is that the animal can prevent a driver from reaching the controls on the steering wheel/column or can fall to the floor, thus impacting the driver’s ability to use their foot controls. Secondly, in the event of a collision the animal is unrestrained and likely to receive serious injury or death.

To add to this, in the event of a rollover this animal now becomes an unrestrained object within the vehicle, which can cause serious harm to the vehicle’s occupants. Lastly, by having your animal on your lap, even at slow speeds, a minor collision would result in the air bag of your vehicle being deployed. This air bag inflates within .04 of a second, and at a speed of approximately 13–26km/hr. This would likely cause serious harm or death to your beloved animal.

So take the time to properly restrain your animal in your vehicle, or if possible leave your pet at home, to avoid any of these issues altogether. Remember, BC highway patrol enforcement officers’ priority is to reduce the number of collisions on B.C. highways.


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