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Ashcroft RCMP warn of scam phone calls doing the rounds

Fraudsters make various bogus claims, including that there is a warrant for your arrest

Ashcroft RCMP are warning the community about a rise in fraudulent telephone calls, and have some tips about steps you can take to protect yourself against these scams.

In the last seven days, Ashcroft RCMP have been contacted by five individuals who all reported scam phone calls. The scams included the “grandchild” scam, where the scammer poses as an official and tells the victim that one of their grandchildren is in custody, and bail needs to be paid for their release.

There are also reports about the “CBSA” scam, where the victim is informed that a package being shipped to them has been intercepted and found to contain an illicit substance, and that there is now a warrant for their arrest.

Another scam that is active in the area is a call that purports to come from a local number (starting with 457/Cache Creek). An automated message informs the victim that their Social Insurance Number has been compromised, and prompts them to continue the call by pressing “1”.

A useful RCMP resource on how to recognize scams and protect yourself from them can be found at Tips include not giving out personal information, recognizing which agencies will (and will not) contact you by phone, calling the agency directly to make sure the call is legitimate, and being wary of anyone who tells you that you must pay a fee, especially if they say you must use gift cards or a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin.

Another great resource that can be used to educate yourself regarding scams is the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre website at

These scam calls are multi-national operations that cannot be dealt with at a local level, says Cst. Richard Wright of the Ashcroft RCMP. The key to protecting yourself and your loved ones is in learning about these scams and not engaging with scammers when they call.

If you are concerned that you may have fallen victim to these or similar scams, please call Ashcroft RCMP at (250) 453-2216.

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