Thompson View Lodge assisted living facility, Ashcroft, January 2021. Photo credit: Barbara Roden

Ashcroft to reimburse Thompson View Manor for utility overpayment

Facility was overcharged for garbage collection dating back to 2017

The Village of Ashcroft will reimbursing five years’-worth of solid waste utilities paid by Thompson View Manor, following council approval last week.

According to a staff report, the seniors’ housing facility on Elm Street had reduced its garbage pickup from twice weekly to once per week in 2017, but had continued to pay the utility charge for more frequent collection.

The cost of the overpayment for the past five years was $4,842.50, and staff recommended that council vote to reimburse at least 50 per cent of that amount.

Coun. Deb Tuohey spoke in favour of the reimbursement, noting the society’s non-profit status and the “significant amount” that was overpaid. “I know they’re trying to move forward to getting more buildings and accommodations up there so I think they could probably use the money,” Tuohey said.

Chief Financial Officer Yogi Bhalla said that the village is limited when it comes to reimbursing taxes due to legislation within the community charter, but that there was some flexibility for utilities charges, especially extending to non-profits.

“There is some responsibility for the client to make sure that what is on the bill is accurate,” Bhalla said. “Usually I would insist for a private individual that they take responsibility… but with a non-profit we should have a different standard.”

Mayor Barbara Roden moved that the full amount be reimbursed, and council voted unanimously in favour.

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